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Survey #1: Would you use an online financial application to track your cash flow?

The result is encouraging. More than 50% of voters say that they will use the application we are going to develop, only if it provides good and irresistible features. Now, we are bombarded with a lot of feature requests. From my discussion with the programmer, and also our experience in using similar apps, we had brainstormed a lot of ideas and features. There are really many special functions and features we can build. But before we can do all that, we have to make something functional which will allow you to beta test. First thing first – before we can build all those super advanced features,  we have to build the most useful and requested functions at the beginning.

Here is the list of features (feel free to tell us your desired feature in the comment section):

  • Cash flow tracking – (income tracking, expenses tracking)
  • financial health report – allow user to check their various financial ratio and benchmark against recommended standard
  • social aspect – allow user to compare his financial standing with others in the similar category (such as fresh grad, new parents etc)
  • automatic recommendation – will recommend better product (e.g. excess cash in saving account should be put in Fixed Deposit)
  • Income Tax report generation – generate the useful figures to fill up your income tax form
  • Passive integration with bank online system (sync transaction)
  • Priority setting – let user prioritize their spending using number (e.g. 1 for very important, 5 for doodads)
  • budgeting – let user set a budget to compare with the actual cash flow
  • Financial goal setting – let user set a financial goal and set up designated account for the goals.

Since we can’t develop all those things at once, we still have to start somewhere. We also found that cash flow tracking is the most basic features, so it should be built by default. In this poll, we have listed only a few options. Please vote for the most important feature you think we should work on right from the beginning (Note: You can choose more than one options)

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Participate in our previous survey:

Survey #1: Would you use an online financial application to track your cash flow?


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    4 replies to "Survey: What’s the most essential feature of an online financial application?"

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    • Relax

      Pie and bar chart (with filters) are important to analyse financial status.

      I think priority setting should be a piece of cake, just add one column 😛

    • é›·é–€

      I prefer a customisable reporting function.

      • KCLau


        Thanks! Customisable report is a charm.

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