How Did Ian Buy Himself a Property that is Below its Market Valuation?

– How to do an All-Rounded Assessment of the Area of a Property?– How to Shortlist Undervalued Properties within an Area or Vicinity?– How to Select the Best...


如何在EPF i-Invest平台上选择合适的单位信托基金?

2019年8月20日,EPF公积金推出了i-Invest平台。 这平台允许EPF会员选择如何为退休投入部分EPF款项。您可以选择将所有捐款留在传统的EPF账户中,也可以将其一部分转换至您首选的单位信托基金。 问题是 “这是否值得转移?您如何选择适合的基金?” 在此,我很荣幸邀请Yap Ming...

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