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Welcome to KCLau.com! KCLauFull100 I've been involved in the financial industry since year 2003. I graduated from University of Technology Malaysia with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, but ironically never ever worked as an engineer. In fact, I've never held a job. Starting at age 21, I have been performing as a pianist, keyboardist, and vocalist professionally for many years and still doing what I love now. While serving hundreds of my existing clients, I started to write regularly on this blog to give valuable information to the public in regards of personal finance topics since Dec 2006. My first book Top Money Tips for Malaysians published in 2008 has sold thousands of copies both in English and Malay edition. I have a unique system to manage my money and in August 2010, I launched the first ever online personal finance course specifically designed for Malaysians, entitled Money Automation System course (http://MoneyAutomationSystem.com). Up to date, there are hundreds of members who had gone through the course and are improving their financial situation every day. Since then, I've co-founded many other online financial courses including Bursa Method, Property Method, Founder Method and REIT Method, benefiting those who wants to learn remotely or find it hard to go to physical seminar or events that are normally held in big cities only. Feel free to contact me regarding any money matters. For everyday updates, you can follow me at Twitter - http://twitter.com/MoneyTips Facebook - http://Facebook.com/KCLauMoney YouTube - http://YouTube.com/KCLauMoney

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