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How to Invest Profitably, Save More Money and Retire Early in Malaysia, Even if you are in Heavy Debt Now

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Who is KCLau?

25th July 2024

I am KCLau, a financial author, educator and trainer.

I realize that most problems people face are related to money. So by being financially literate, you would probably solve 90% of your daily problems. To make it easy and convenient for you to learn about this subject,  I provide financial education through publishing free articles and guide on my blog, writing physical financial books, conducting online courses, and organizing online workshops and webinar featuring various experts of the financial industry.

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KCLau's Bestselling Book

Money Smart:

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals Faster with Less!


Today everyone --- whether they know it or not --- is the most critical fund manager of their finances. Simply put, if you can allocate your capital wisely, you have the advantage to achieve more financial success with less.

Historically, many ordinary people who don't display high intelligence have achieved extraordinary success in terms of money. The difference is the possession of high financial intelligence. In short, you can certainly gain more with less if you are money-smart.

KCLau, who has dedicated the last two decades to discover the money tips that work for Malaysians, has long relied on financial education to live free. Indeed, what began as a quest of self-improvement has evolved into a refined set of principles that any Malaysian can use to achieve their financial goals.

In this book, KCLau shows the most impactful money practices that boost your chances of success. Among his strategies:

  • Credit-savvy: How to maximise and maintain your credit score?
  • The two magic numbers for a comfortable retirement
  • The three elements of effective wealth accumulation
  • Redefine assets and debts: how is it good or bad?

By the way, this book comes with a 10-year full refund guarantee, warranted personally by KCLau.