2008 is an exciting year for me. I was able to build more income streams and therefore increase my overall income compared to the previous year. The best thing is that I worked even less to make that happened. Other than occasional luck, I think it is the effort I put in for the past few years that contributes to the new height.

We (together with my wife) bought two properties in 2008. We are planning to move to our new house probably in February or March this year. I was invited to speak about blogging in Webmaster Gathering hosted by Exabytes at SunTECH. Finally, I published my first book in November and officially became a published author.

This year, I am going to update the Top Money Tips for Malaysians book with more tips and hope to publish a 2nd edition by the end of the year. As usual, tips will be published here first, before being edited to be included in the book, and stuffed with more cartoons from ComicTan. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter and feed.

OK.. Now let’s see what’s hot and popular from my archive, published in 2008.

  1. Why Financial Planner will be the Hottest Job in 2008
  2. Top 10 Personal Finance Books in History
  3. Life is Harder at Taipei
  4. Time Value of Money: How to Calculate the Effective Annual Rate (EAR)
  5. Credit Cards: From Foes to Friends
  6. How Recession Happens? 8 Tips to Prepare for it!
  7. Don’t spend the money you don’t have, to buy the thing you don’t need, to please the people you don’t like!
  8. Withdraw EPF Money for Home Loan Installment: How it affects your Retirement Fund
  9. Relative Value of Money
  10. Financial Security: How you feel it?
  11. Knowing your enemy – Inflation!
  12. Everything you are looking for about Bursa Malaysia
  13. Case Study: Consolidating Personal Loan, Mortgage and Credit Card Debt
  14. Do you have the assets to pay for your liabilities?
  15. Personal Asset Inventory Template
  16. How to Calculate Your Investment Portfolio Return?
  17. The Most Important Payee of Your Entire Life
  18. 48 Fuel Saving Tips
  19. Malaysia Salary Guide 2008/2009
  20. Financial Consideration for New Parents in Malaysia
  21. Are you part of the NEET Generation?
  22. How Fundsupermart will Revolutionize the Unit Trust Industry in Malaysia
  23. Buy term and invest the difference
  24. Top Money Tips for Malaysian Book Review

The most important part of this blog is ———— (drum roll)————————

YOU ..

without you as a reader, commenter, contributor and even promoter for this blog, I would have given up long time ago!

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