This survey is to get your feedback to design a financial management tool, which will be available, free of charge once it is ready to be launched.

What are your income sources? (Can choose more than one)

  • Salary & Bonus
  • Business Income
  • Online Income
  • Royalties (books, music compositions etc)
  • Investment Income (rental, dividend, interest etc)

What are your top five expenses? (Choose only five)

  • Transportation (petrol, car loan, car maintenance, toll fees etc)
  • Home loan installment
  • Insurance premium
  • Vacation (accommodation, air ticket etc)
  • Household maintenance (utilities bill, phone bill, internet, Astro etc)
  • Income Tax
  • Groceries
  • Dining Out
  • Entertainment (concert ticket, DVD, movies, night club etc)
  • Family allowances (for parents and relatives)
  • Children expenses (education fees, cloths, milk, toys etc)
  • Education (courses, books etc)
  • Personal care (clothing, jewelry, medical fees, cosmetic, gym etc)

Thanks for your feedback and kindly take the poll below.


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