I have been using Maybank 2 Cards (VISA + AMEX) since Jan 2011. Over the years, I have garnered millions of Treatpoints and countless benefits. Just on the latest monthly statement, I have just collected 59,396 Treatpoints. That’s worth more than RM100 cash voucher that I can exchange from merchants like Aeon, Borders, Giant, Tesco, Isetan, etc. Other than the points, I also get cash back rebate which is capped at RM50. However, I love the Treatpoints since it is unlimited.

Treatpoints accumulated with Maybank 2 Cards

For my online course Bursa Method, we host a Whatsapp group chat which is very active. Members talk about all sort of things regarding investment and personal finance. Every day we have Q&A and sharing of investment ideas and articles. One day, our master trainer Peter Lim also recommended our students to check out Maybank 2 Cards. As shown in the screenshot, he has more than two Maybank credit cards!

Peter recommended Maybank 2 Cards


If you have read most of my stuff on this website, or subscribed to my emails, or read my free Money Tips ebooks series, you’ll know that I advocate the usage of credit cards. I even said in one of my videos that credit card is one of the best financial tools ever invented! There are many reasons why smart consumers can always take advantage of the convenience and perks provided by these plastics. I use it for my daily expenses, whether it is for personal or for business purposes.

The first reason I use credit cards as the preferred payment method is related to petrol.

Business Petrol Transaction Statement

As a business owner, I can claim part of my gasoline bills as business expenses. Instead of keeping all the petrol pump receipts, which would fade away after a few months (which means I need to scan them first before those prints are gone forever), I no longer need to do that by paying all my fuel transactions with a credit card. Then I just need to produce the credit card e-statement as proof. Guess which card do I use? YES, I use Maybank AMEX all the time. And this month in June, you have a special 10% cash back!

The cashback is capped at RM20 per cardmember per month. So just fill up your vehicle at Petronas, Petron or Shell Stations with at least RM200 before 30 June 2017. Make sure you register by sending an SMS ‘Petrol (space) 12-digit IC number’ to 66628.

The next major reason I use Maybank American Express card for my company is related to its business nature.

Online and Oversea Payment

As an online business owner or some people call us lifestyle entrepreneurs, I use many services online and SaaS (Software as a Service), such as email broadcast service, support ticket service, invoicing service, website hosting, video hosting, big files storage, plugins and training subscriptions. Most of these are providers from developed countries like the US and Europe. So each month I pay more than RM10k for all these stuff.

I have been paying all these foreign service providers using my Maybank AMEX card for many years. Then I would just provide the monthly card statements to my bookkeeper and accountant to do my company’s finances. There is a limit of RM50 cash back, but I can get uncapped 5X Treatpoints from the AMEX card, which is as good as cash when I exchange it for shopping vouchers especially for groceries purchase.

Do you have the Maybank 2 Cards too? If not, do consider it especially the AMEX for:
– 5% weekend cash back on all spend including Petrol (local, overseas, online) – Capped RM50
– 5x treats points every day on all payment including Petrol (local, overseas, online) – uncapped!

Be a Maybank 2 American Express Card member today by heading here: http://bit.ly/KCxM2Amex


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