Previously I’ve written about why I have used Maybank 2 Card American Express since 2011, both for my business and personal expenses. In this article, I’m going to share with you some of my great experiences of being a Maybank AMEX card holder, and the difference it makes when I patronise certain merchants that provide great offers for us.

RM10 movie ticket

The first one I would recommend is the activity that I like the most. Do you like watching movies? Given a choice, would you rather watch it on a TV screen or a big movie theatre screen with surround sound system? Personally, I love to watch movies as my first choice of entertainment. Besides relaxing, films gives you the chance to experience something that is usually not real, but as if you are experiencing it for real, such as those superheroes movies. Who wouldn’t like it?

So I do watch movies in the cinema at least once a week. Especially those blockbuster films, I seldom miss it on the big screen. Even when I go travel, I love to try out the foreign theatres. I had patronised the cinemas in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and also the USA. According to my experience, Malaysia provides the most affordable tickets for moviegoers. After currency conversion, the foreign cinema tickets cost easily RM25 and above. In Malaysia, we are lucky to get a ticket price as low as RM15 on an average day. On Wednesday (movie’s day), we get an even greater offer.

Last Wednesday I went to a local TGV to catch the latest Tom Cruise movie, The Mummy. At the ticket counter, I asked,”How much is the ticket price for movie day?”
“RM11”, the attendant replied.
“I have a Maybank Amex card, does the RM10 movie ticket apply?”
“Yes, before 6 pm.”

I went to watch The Mummy at TGV on Wednesday. Since it is a movie day, the ticket is only RM11. But I got it for only…

Posted by KCLau’s Money Tips on Thursday, June 22, 2017

So I got my ticket for only RM10, even cheaper than the movie’s day offer. I went to this cinema that has a lot of parking spaces. I never get caught up in the long queue unlike those more popular malls like 1 Utama. Also due to the time I normally watch a movie typically before 3 pm, I can buy a single ticket and get to sit wherever I want in the theatre. There are a few times that I was the only one person watching. With Maybank card, I pay only RM10 for the best viewing experience. Furthermore, with TGV movie club membership, you get points which are equivalent to 10% rebate of the money you spend on tickets and snacks. I think nowhere in the world can you find such affordable movie tickets.

Furthermore, if you pay with Maybank AMEX to watch a movie during a weekend, even with the RM10 ticket offer, you earn 5X TreatPoints plus 5% weekend cashback, so you’ll be triply rewarded. Maybank cards are definitely excellent for movie lovers. The next merchant that provides offers for Maybank card users is Lazada.

10% Discount on Lazada

One of the best places to buy electrical appliances and gadget is through Lazada. I have the app installed on my iPhone. Out of a sudden, a message popped up – RM20 off for RM200 ringgit spent. That’s equivalent to 10% discount.

Lazada RM20 off

But to save, you are required to spend. Isn’t it counter-intuitive? When you want to save money, you got to spend more. According to what I’ve preached before about impulse buying, you shouldn’t be buying the stuff you won’t use, and end up being junks later.

Am I in a dilemma?! You must be confused too. But don’t fret. To get over your guilt, and not spending money out of your budget, the trick is to prepare a wish list. There is something that you need to own or use some point in time. It is important that the items in the list are what you need or want. But it is not urgent so that you can wait. For example, I have a wishlist for some gadgets such as an extra external hard disk, phone casings, an additional headset, a Macbook charger, etc.

When a special offer presents itself, you are ready to seize the moment to save money, as long as you have your wish list ready, and have the right card on hand! Extra 10% off at the site that promises the lowest price, I don’t want to miss the boat. So, Maybank AMEX is my preferred card of payment since it give 5X TreatPoints.

Other than online shopping, as a Maybank card holder, you will also get a discount for family-friendly theme parks throughout Malaysia. The next deal I am going to share with you is suitable for family who is planning a vacation.

30% off at Thomas Town & Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Other Characters

While I travelled north to Thailand, my good friend and stock investment trainer Peter Lim went south. He brought his three boys to the Thomas Town and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. Let’s take a look at the entrance fees:

1 Park Ticket – RM85
2 Park Pass – RM125
MyKid and MyKad holders get 20% off.

They initially wanted to only go to Thomas Town, but then Peter found out that with Maybank credit card, you get 30% off. So in the end, they bought the 2 Park Passes at RM125 – 30% = RM87.50/each.

A quick check online, I noticed that the Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town promotion already expired on 28th Feb 2017. But somehow, Peter did manage to get the discount and paid with his Maybank Amex card. So it is always a good practice to always ask if there is any discount before you make a payment.

Peter Lim and kids at Thomas Town

There are a lot more merchants out there that partnered with Maybank to provide great offers for their credit card users. Check out the Maybank website for the current promotion.

If you are a family man like Peter and me, there are more choices of local theme parks that give a discount for Maybank AMEX card holders. For examples:

Legoland Malaysia Promotion – 30% OFF admission

Lost World of Tambun Theme Park and Hotel – 35% savings on admission tickets

Sunway Lagoon – 32% OFF on admission tickets

Do you have the Maybank 2 Cards too? If not, do consider it especially the AMEX for:
– 5% weekend cash back on all spend including Petrol (local, overseas, online) – Capped RM50
– 5x treats points every day on all payment including Petrol (local, overseas, online) – uncapped!

Be a Maybank 2 American Express Card member today by heading here:

If you already own a Maybank card, I would love to hear your experience of using it. Tell me in the comment section below.


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