HLG Unit Trust Bhd. launched Asia-Pacific Property Income Plus Fund. It has a total approved fund size of 600 million units, priced at 50 sen per unit, during the initial offer period from Aug 8 to 28.

Fund objective:

The Fund aims to provide investors with the opportunity to enjoy regular income distribution and seek long-term capital growth by investing into a diversified investment portfolio containing a mixtureof fixed income securities and structured derivatives/options. The structured derivatives/options is linked to a broad range of property related equity securities and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)in the Asia-Pacific region.

Investment Strategy:

The Fund will primarily invest into fixed income investments to seek regular income and stability of capital. At the same time, the Fund will also attempt to attain long-term capital growth and steady recurring income by investing into structured derivatives/options that offer exposure to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and property related equity securities from the Asia-Pacific region.

It was clearly stated that the fund aims to achieve an annual return of 8%.

You might want to invest if you are a conservative investors who are seeking:

  • A regular income stream and stable investment returns;
  • Capital stability;
  • Potential upside from property sectors/real estate asset class; and
  • Greater diversification in your investment portfolio

Because of the foreseen volatility in the local share market performance throughout this year, this fund might appeal to you if you just can’t sleep on the major index fluctuation.

You can purchase the fund via these distribution channel:
HLG Unit Trust’s agency force and selected banks – Hong Leong Bank Bhd, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Bhd and ABN Amro Bank Bhd.

Download prospectus.

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