Just when Siti Mustika Sujud thought life would be financially difficult following the death of her husband, she received an insurance payment of RM35,000.

This is what she said after receiving the payment:

I could not believe it at first as my husband had never mentioned anything about any insurance. But at the same time I felt a heavy load being lifted from my shoulders

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You will never feel the need of insurance protection until you need it, it might be too late.

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    2 replies to "RM35,000 Cheer for Widow"

    • kclau

      Most people did it wrongly by spending their time to compare plans. They should actually access their needs, commitment and responsibility to clearly find the insurance protection needs. Plan is just a tool to help you. It is secondary.

    • Relax

      Risk management is such an important area in Financial Planing. I think people need to know the right kind of insurance to buy since there are so many kinds out there.

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