After Tune Money Sdn. Bhd. signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Pos Malaysia on 13 Aug 2007, we can expect more people lining up at 672 post offices in Malaysia to pay for financial products. Good news indeed for those who hate credit cards, or don’t know how to pay online. Under the MoU, Tune Money will evaluate Pos Malaysia as a potential card distribution and payment collection partner.

Tune Money is a company providing financial services over the internet. Is it necessary to provide off-line payment? If you purchase the products through Internet, would you care to be offered off-line payment services as well? From Tune Money homepage, they said they emphasize on affordability, accessibility, simplicity and transparency which will be focusing on the “little guy”. Financial products ranges from general insurance to unit trust investment.

I am looking forward to the latest offer from Tune Money. Up to date, there is still no product offered so far.

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