I previously wrote an article regarding the top-down approach in investment. Now let’s look at a contrary approach which is also much practiced by the local unit trust fund manager: the bottom-up strategy.

According to Investopedia:

The bottom-up approach assumes that individual companies can do well
even in an industry that is not performing very well. This is the
opposite of “top-down investing”. Making sound decisions based on a
bottom-up investing strategy entails a thorough review of the company
in question. This includes becoming familiar with the company’s
products and services, its financial stability and its research reports.

In short, a bottom-up investor focuses on selecting a stock based on the individual attributes of a company. Comparison of companies based on fundamentals; as long as the companies are strong, the overall macro economy conditions are of no concern.

Consideration of fundamentals of a company includes:

  • low price-to-earnings ratio
  • high book value
  • future prospects, business outlook
  • company management team
  • market competitiveness
  • relative valuation
  • and many other considerations of the company’s performance

This investment approach is most suitable when the fund manager is close to his market – hence it is not appropriate to be used when investing globally.

Good investment selection for the bottom-up investors are those under-rated or under-researched companies that have the potential to unlock value in long term.


Example of local unit trust fund houses that practice bottom-up approach:
Alliance Investment Management
Mayban Investment Management Sdn. Bhd.
OSK-UOB Global Equity Yield Fund
RHB Unit Trust Management Berhad

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