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Without further ado, let’s look at what LiLian thinks about money matters:

KCLau: Based on your estimation, how much are you worthed in Ringgit sense? (e.g. RM1 million etc)

5xmom: LOL, it never occured to me. But really, I am not worth a lot because all I have are my EPF which luckily has gone into six figures as I worked since I am 17 years old, right after my Form Five. The other are my joint savings with my hubby so I cannot claim as mine. Therefore, nay…I am not worth a cent, in money wise but maybe I am worth a lot as a wife and mom. That is priceless.

KCLau: What is your main income stream? (e.g. blogging income, salary etc)

5xmom: I am more like a liability because my hubby gets tax relief for feeding me. Hahaha. So yeah, sorry that I disappoint you but I cannot claim to make a steady income. However, I have learnt the ropes and do make some money through a few ads avenues. I cannot reveal the actual amount I make but I can safely tell you that one can easily earn between RM5K to RM8K per month.

I used to be an Executive Secretary in a public listed company and now, my income from blogging is three times that amount. So, go guess?

KCLau: Where and how do you invest your money?

5xmom: I leave the financial aspect to my husband. He is a finance man by profession and he used to be an insurance salesman as well. (heh, this will get off any potential insurance or mutual funds or wills salemen off my back) Normally, we break the investments to a few sectors, like property, FD, life insurance and savings.

KCLau: What is your plan to protect your wealth from health disaster, tax and uncertainty of human life?

5xmom: Well, my husband was an insurance salesman so he is well protected in case of any uncertainties. In that aspect, I am not worried eventhough I am not working. He has provided well and increase his insurance coverage with the addition of each child. We have five kids (one passed away). We are covered by medical insurance too. As for tax? We pay on time so there is nothing to run away from.

KCLau: Do you have your Will written? How do you plan to distribute your blogs and its income if something happens to you?

5xmom: Well….this part. No, we actually never got down to do a will because seriously, all the properties and bank accounts are joint accounts. So, we never go into the part where we think of the possibilities of both of us perished. Yikes, ok, thanks for reminding me about this. Look like we will do this soonest. As for my blogs, my children have access to all my passwords and well, I am sure they will manage it.
As for distribution of wealth, I believe in equal portion for all the kids.

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Thanks 5xmom for the interview 🙂


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