For the past weeks, I had published a few articles about my experience using Maybank American Express card. I used it for most if not all my business related expenses since those are mainly services from foreign companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. Maybank as the largest bank in Malaysia, they partner with many local merchants to give discount, including major theme parks like Sunway Lagoon, Legoland and Lost World of Tambun, and also the most popular online retail sites like Lazada. With the Maybank American Express card, you get to earn 5X TreatsPoints for every RM1 spent. These TPs provide outstanding rewards that I wrote here about how you can get from 1.25% up to 5% cash value.

In this article, I would share about the latest deal I got for treating my friends at an elegant restaurant. Before we get to that, here is a little bit about my history. I used to be a full-time musician. Although I retired many years ago from making music when my son was born, I still keep in touch with some musicians and artists. One of my best friends Zin who is a composer and music arranger is going to migrate to Shanghai pretty soon. So I was thinking of meeting him and his wife who is an artist cum designer for a farewell lunch. So I am ready to spend some money for fine dining. But who wouldn’t want a discount?

Discount up to 50% on Dining

So I googled for restaurants that provide discounts for Maybank Amex card. I found out there is this SPG Hotel and Resorts Privilege. SPG stands for Starwood Preferred Guest. There is a list of participating hotels and restaurants.

Hotel and Venues with Maybank Discount

After checking out the list, I chose Nook at Aloft KL Sentral to treat my parting friends. He had sold his car, so KL Sentral is obviously a good choice because he can just hop on an LRT train to get there. So there we were on a Sunday afternoon.

Lunch at Nook Aloft

We ordered quite a lot of food for just five persons. The total bill came up to be more than RM308.82 before discount. I paid with my Maybank AMEX card, which allows me to enjoy 40% discount! I thought that was really “generous”. After discount, the bill is only RM189.60. Not bad for a fine dining. If there are only two persons, you will get up to 50% discount. So, guys, you know where to treat your girlfriend, or celebrate whatever occasion such as an anniversary. If you love fine dining, do check out the SPG privilege list of participating restaurants.

Receipt - Discount!

It reminded me of how much I paid for the meal we had at Macau just one week before. My family of three paid more than RM300 at an average Portuguese restaurant for a simple meal. OUCH!

Expensive meal in Macau

Check Maybank Treats App

Alternatively, there is an app that you can install on your mobile device called TREATS by Maybank. It can be downloaded from the Apple Appstore and the Google Play. I installed it on my iPhone that allows me to check the nearby merchants that give discounts for Maybank cards user. The app uses your current location to screen and list the merchants. Take a look at the screenshots I took while I was at KL Sentral, some chain restaurants like Secret Recipe and Kenny Rogers provide great offers too. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions to ensure that you will qualify for the offers.

To find out all the participating merchants that provide discounts in various categories like dining, lodging and online shopping, check out Maybank website for the most updated details.

The next place you can get discount is from the petrol stations!

10% Cash Back on Petrol Transactions

If you missed out the first phase of this high cash back a few months back, here is the good news! It is coming back. You can use your Maybank AMEX card at any participating petrol station including BHP, Petron, Petronas and Shell stations, and get a 10% Cash Back. It is capped at RM20 per card member so if you only buy RM200 worth of fuel will get you entitled for the maximum benefits. Do remember to register by sending the SMS as required in the T&C.

Swipe oversea for 5x points & 5% CashBack

The unbeatable feature for using Maybank AMEX card is that you can still earn 5X TreatsPoints when you spend local and oversea. I just came back from a vacation in Hong Kong plus 1-day Macau trip. I would swipe my AMEX card whenever possible. I am glad that most foreign retailers also accept AMEX. If you spend during a weekend, you will also enjoy the 5% cashback on top of the 5X TP.

When we were taking an evening walk in the affluent part of Hong Kong Island called Stanley Market, I paid for my wife’s new bags made out of recycled paper. Keep your woman happy because that’s the only reason a husband will be happy. Trust me 🙂

Upgrade to Maybank 2 Premier Cards

In my previous article, I showed the calculation of getting rewards ratio of up to 5% with your TreatsPoints if you have the Maybank American Express Reserve Card, and use the TPs for Air Miles redemption. That’s the reason I immediately applied for it after I realised the significant benefits, including five times free access to Plaza Premium Lounges at major airports each year.
After the long Raya holiday, I finally received my upgraded Maybank 2 Premier Cards.

Next on my to-do list is to change all the auto-payment to my new cards.

Do you have the Maybank 2 Cards too? If not, do consider it especially the AMEX for:
– 5% weekend cash back on all spend including Petrol (local, overseas, online) – Capped RM50
– 5x treats points every day on all payment including Petrol (local, overseas, online) – uncapped!

Be a Maybank 2 American Express Card member today by heading here:

If you already own a Maybank AMEX card, I would love to hear your experience of using it. Tell me in the comment section below.


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    5 replies to "Dining Discount up to 50% for Maybank AMEX"

    • Han Way

      Hello KC,

      I know I’m a bit late to the party but I have seen many people promoting the Maybank 2 credit cards. Just wondering, while not many merchants in Malaysia accept AMEX, how do we ensure we can get the most benefit out of this card?

      Look forward to your reply.

      Thank you

      • KCLau

        You will still need VISA/Mastercard for the convenience. I can’t live with just an AMEX card though.

    • lee hoong

      well written article. Am new to the Maybank AMEX too.

    • Naim

      Hi KC Lau,

      Just wanted to share my benefits of using the Maybank 2 Amex

      I’m always been a fan of the Maybank 2 Amex since 2013.

      Up until now I manage to get up to 30K AirAsia Big Points and 40 TGV standard voucher ( redeem during Treatfair).

      But, my main excitement was I managed to buy a Oneplus 5T phone for just RM800 instead of RM2000 ( early 2018). So back in early 2018, 11thstreet allowed 24 month installment for any purchase above RM2K. So I bought my Oneplus 5T using installment, which is RM83.33/ month for 2 years. However, I will make sure I will get a RM50 cash back each month by paying all my bills and fuel every weekend. So meaning in my statement, there will be -RM83.33 ( installment ) and RM50 ( cash rebate) per month. Meaning I just need to pay RM33.33 per month.

      FYI, I don’t have any unpaid loan in my credit card. Because I just use them just for treat points and cashback. I make sure I have the cash first before paying something.

      So technically, I just pay RM33.33 each month. so RM33.33 x 24 = RM800

      Better than nothing. Managed to save RM1200 (60%) for my OnePlus 5T.

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