Work. Live. Play.

Amazingly, these three words have pretty much summed up the new real estate mantra in the Klang Valley. It is evident as developments which combine exclusivity of private living and accessibility to major commercial hubs and entertainment are highly valued and do command premium prices.

For locals, these developed housings are associated with success. It’s about the high-life and the impression of one making it in life. For foreigners, high-income expatriates place high regards to comfort and luxurious living, and thus, are willing to pay a premium to reside in these developments.

One of these areas is Mont Kiara.

In our latest webinar, we have invited Sonia Hartono, Head of Sales – International Properties of CBRE-WTW Real Estate Sdn Bhd to share her market intelligence of properties in Mont Kiara. If you’ve missed the webinar, let me first do a quick recap for you.

Here, I’ll share 5 reasons to consider investing in Mont Kiara:



Reason #1: Freehold

Properties in Mont Kiara are freehold.

I believe, most of us are well-aware of the advantages of owning a freehold property over a leasehold property. To name a few, these include higher price appreciation, easier and quicker transfer of ownership, and the absence of extension of lease upon expiry. As it’s self-explanatory, I’ll move quickly to Reason #2.


Reason #2: Accessibility

Mont Kiara is accessible via four major highways. As shown below, they include:


  1. North South Expressway
  2. Duke
  3. Kerinchi Link
  4. Penchala Link


Screenshot of Wikimapia


Reason #3: Desired Location for Work, Live & Play

Today, Mont Kiara has 18,000 residents. 80% of them are expatriates. Why do they choose to reside in Mont Kiara?


There are three main reasons:


  • Work
    There are plenty of SOHOs, office units, virtual offices, business centres located in Mont Kiara. It’s an attractive location for startups, and SMEs to set-up their offices in the area.
  • Live
    This is for the expatriates. Mont Kiara has a variety of foreign-themed restaurants which serve Japanese, Korean, German-specialty cuisines. Also, it has three international schools such as Mont Kiara International School, Garden International School and Lycee Francois de Kuala Lumpur. This enables children of expatriates to receive quality education while being stationed in Kuala Lumpur for work.
  • Play
    In addition, there are plenty of cafes, bars, and shopping malls in Mont Kiara. It’s a convenient place to chill, hangout, shop, and enjoy some night-life.


Reason #4: Branded Developers

Properties in Mont Kiara are developed by highly reputable developers. Some of them are listed corporations in Malaysia. They include UEM Sunrise Bhd, Sunway Bhd and YNH Property Bhd. It adds perceived value to these properties as reputable developers have a proven track record for quality developments. After all, they have a brand to protect.


Reason #5: Status Symbol

‘Where do you live?’  

‘Mont Kiara’


Chances are, you are perceived to be a financial success if you owned a piece of property in Mont Kiara. This is also true if you are renting to stay or do business in the area. It’s a symbol of status, luxury and success. Most, if not everyone, wants to be associated to it if affordability is not an issue.

Merely, I’ve just scratched the surface. There is more to discover about Mont Kiara. Thus, Sonia Hartono who lives and breaths Mont Kiara properties is brought in to share her invaluable experiences so that you can the pulse of the property market in that area.


Check it Out:

Webinar: Mont Kiara – Monetizing on Luxurious Modern Living in Kuala Lumpur


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