Felix Lee from Easy.my shared about the current online shopping scene in Malaysia. Watch the video embedded below:

Open Minds did an analysis showing statistics on Malaysia’s online shopping scene last year. The first part shows how much we shop online. Based on the analysis, 65% of all Malaysians have experienced buying something online. Some people shop online unconsciously, mostly newcomers, like buying movie tickets to date your loved one online or maybe if you travel a lot – purchasing e-tickets with Firefly or AirAsia.

With genders, in a sort of battle of the sexes, guys are more active online while the girls are catching up. That means we have more male online shoppers. As for age group, 40% of online shoppers are mostly the young adults, ages eighteen to twenty-one. Young adults starting from twenty-two years old are less likely to buy online.
So, if you want to sell something online, knowing the following is very important:

1. Who is your average online shopper? You need to know that guys are the most active online shoppers, and that the eighteen to twenty-one year old young adults are the most active age group. If you want to sell something online, but have yet started to pick a product, look for products that are suitable for these demographics as they comprise the average online shopper.

2. How much time do Malaysians spend for online shopping? We get home, we have some free time, for sure we will go to deal sites like Groupon and look for some group deals. Some may go to Lelong or eBay to look for something that you’re going to buy. Most would spend one to two hours for this.

3. Where do Malaysians like to do online shopping? The study puts group buying sites like Groupon and Living Social at the top. Second place would go to retail websites like Lazada or Zalora that caters to those shopping for fashion, IT products, or whatever. Lastly we have e-marketplaces like eBay and Lelong.

4. What is the online shopper’s average budget? Usually it’s around RM100 to RM300. Anything higher than RM300 will have fewer buyers as people may think that the item is too expensive, or that the site may be a scam, or that there is more risk in losing their money. So, online stores have more buyers at around the RM100 to RM300 price range. If you’re considering selling something, keep your products under that price range.

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    • ZFS

      How is the 65% being arrived? based on sample of what size? i doubt online shopping rate is so high, if purely looking at our internet penetration rate which is so much lower. Even very often, many ppl with internet access will find it hard to accept giving away money over the internet. But it is probably undeniable that most of the sales/transaction is done by minority of the population who always purchase online.

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