I am glad to announce that the first ever eMoney Tips ebook is published and ready for download. This is a collaborative project that I organized back in February 2009. Personal finance bloggers, practitioners, and even some readers participated and contributed effort to make this ebook come to live.

Download eMoney Tips April 2009 Edition

Download here: eMoney Tips April 2009
(right click and save file as…)

More download link:
Download from MTSen
Download from Meshio


Here are the people who had poured their heart into the project:

Cover Design: Ken Neoh

Ebook Editing: YowChuan

Article Contributors/Authors

How You Can Help as a Reader

1. Comment below and give us some constructive feedbacks
2. Download the ebook and forward it to all your friends in your email address book
3. Submit this link to social bookmarking site (Digg, Delicious etc) – the easiest way is to use the “Tell a Friend” or “Share This” widgets below this post.
4. Share this post in your social network site (Facebook, Myspace)
5. Write a post about this ebook project on your blog

How You Can Participate in the future edition of eMoney Tips

Prepare the following information in a text file (*.txt)

Title: How to Make Extra $1000 in a week (obviously this is an example)
Author Name: KCLau

Content: Bla bla bla… I love money…too much money break my heart ..la la la..

About the Author: (Not more than 50 words)
Author’s Website: (Provide one link only)

Attach all images in a zip file.

Email to kclau at kclau dot com (use “eMoney Tips submission” as your email title)

Please read the FAQ section to know more about the terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the content requirement?
You can write about anything that’s relevant to personal finance, including and not limited to insurance, investment, debt, credit card etc. Keep your article longer than the minimum requirement of 500 words. You can submit a very loooooonnnnnnggggg article but I suggest that you better publish your own book with it.

How do you arrange the sequence of submission?

First come first served – the articles will be organized in a way that the first submission we receive will appear prior to the later ones. So it is better to send in your article early to ensure a good spot of appearance in the ebook. In order to be fair to all participants, I will arrange the ebook according to the date and time of the email notification.

Can I submit an article that’s already published on my blog?
Yes. You can submit any of your previous article that fits. It will be great if you submit the best one (most popular, most viewed, most commented etc). The better your article, the higher chances those readers will be eager to find out who you are by visiting your blog.

How many submissions per author?
One submission each – you can send in more than one submission, but only one and the best will be featured in the ebook. This is to give equal exposure to every participant.

Can I link to other products or website in my article?
No. Only one link is allowed which is to be included in your author description. Submission that contains too much sales pitch on a product or website will be ignored.

How frequent will you publish eMoney Tips?
I hope to make it a monthly publication. Depending on the submission we get, each edition will at least consist of 10 submissions.

What can I do with the ebook?

  • You can upload the ebook to your website and let your readers download it for free.
  • You can email the ebook to your friends, colleagues and lovers.
  • You can print the ebook and distribute it for free
  • You can ask people to subscribe to your RSS or email list in order to download the ebook

What is prohibited?
You cannot and shall not

  • Sell the ebook for money
  • Modify, add or delete any content of the ebook and make it your own property
  • Hold the authors accountable for any misrepresentation of data, advice or opinion. We must be grateful that the authors do their best to provide free content for you.


So what are you waiting for? Write your best money tips and send it to me fast!


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