In Part I, the idea of money conflicts in a marriage was introduced. Part I covers the reasons for having the conflicts and the importance of compromising as a solution.

Make the conflicts work for you

Part II will cover the idea of having conflicts that can be made to work for instead of against the relationship. It is near impossible to meet a couple that thinks identically or who can 100% agree on every aspect of their financial management. So, what are the ways to overcome differing financial habits and attitudes?

Adopt a wait and see attitude

Certain money issues or problems cannot be solved immediately and hence adopting a wait and see attitude is recommended. This will give the couple sufficient time to review the problems and to see whether their financial situation has changed or not. Any decision to be made will be based on the current situation. This prevents making decisions on impulse or at the spur of the moment.

Balance and complement each other

In a relationship, it is common to have one partner who is a spender and the other, a saver. One person may love to spend on big items or purchases but is very stingy when it comes to other areas. The other partner may spend more often but only on small inexpensive items. Overall, the financial situation is not affected as this couple knows how to balance their money habits. Therefore, ensure that there is a balance between your money strengths and weaknesses.

Let the capable person take charge

Normally one partner will be more knowledgeable or capable in handling matters related to money. Hence, it is only logical to entrust him or her with most of the money matters. However, there should be frequent interaction or communication between both partners regarding the family finances. The couple should be jointly responsible when it comes to making decisions on money matters.

Therefore, money conflicts in a marriage are common but they can be overcome if both partners are sensitive to each other and willing to find a common solution.

How do you solve the money conflicts in your marriage? What method works best for you?

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    4 replies to "Money Conflicts in a Marriage (Part II)"

    • I’m surprised this is not a more heated topic. Divorce is the biggest wealth killer out there!

      Rgds, RB

    • imDavidLee

      stil far for me to think marriage..but i think should be no problem for the marriage fees coz i have enough saving d

    • imDavidLee

      stil far for me to think marriage..but i think should be no problem for the marriage fees

    • Saravanan

      We use budgeting for the past 3 years. ( we were married for 10 years ) It works like wonders. Allocating a certain amount of money for savings, beginning of each month before budget for daily expanses is the best solution. I usually take care the house financial. But in doing so , I will never neglect my wife suggestion on any decision making. And I also will never do anything without her knowledge and vice versa. Discussion will take place looking at pros and cons before any purchase. And in doing so , my house finance is become healthier for the past 3 years.

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