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By now, I guess some of you would have known me as one of the guys who wrote Migrating to Australia Good Meh??? and Making It in Australia (to be published late 2014).

You would also know why I like to visit so often – because it gives me the education and knowledge that I need to apply in order to achieve total financial freedom and get out of the rat race. To some readers, I am the guy who wants to get out of the rat race. Yes, and I am very serious about it. That’s why I think about, talk about it, write about it and am doing many things about it as well.

Here, I would like to share with you all a little tip on how to double our income. I find this tip so amazingly simple, effective, powerful and yet often overlooked by most of us. I have definitely overlooked it.

There is so much common sense in it.I came across this tip when I was reading a book written by Oli Hille entitled Creating the Perfect Lifestyle. Oli, from New Zealand, is the number one bestselling author on Amazon. I like the way he looks at our regular monthly income. It is interesting how a small adjustment in our worldview can make a huge difference in our strategy.

Okay, let me explain. First, Oli says that we should view our monthly income as whatever that is left over after paying all of our living expenses. The amount that remains untouched is our income – not that which we earn. We can use that $200 to invest in some income-generating assets, capital-growing assets, or both.

Second, we must now focus on how to increase this ‘leftover’ income. If you earn $2000 a month and only spend $1800 on all your living expenses, you will have $200 left at the end of that month. You should now aim to double your $200, not your $2000 (which is highly unlikely in the very short term).

I guess by now, the third step, most of you would already have your own ideas as to how you can double that $200. You can work extra hours to earn a bit more. You can sell some stuff online. Teach some tuition. Downgrade your phone and ASTRO plans, eat less outside and more at home etc.

The income that is left after deducting all your expenses is all that matters. No use earning $2,000,000 in 2014 but only get to keep $20 at the end of the year, right?

So, this tip isn’t really a tip. It is just a slight change in the way we view the world and the solutions will emerge naturally and almost automatically. I will tell teach this worldview to my son as soon as he is old enough to understand. I will tell him that money saved is money earned.

By that token, I also want to thank and congratulate Mr KC Lau for writing Teaching Your Kids About Money.  I bought it last week on It will be sent to my good friend who is kind enough to bring it to me the next time he comes over to Melbourne. This way, I get to save some shipping cost.

If you find this message helpful, please share it with your loved ones too.

Thanks and best regards,

Ken Soong








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    3 replies to "A letter to all Readers"

    • ChampDog

      Yes, very good one! I’m going to share this. It also depends on how much your leftover income is. Small leftover income can be easily doubled by reducing expenses but if your left over income is huge, investment will be the solution I guess?

      • KCLau

        Nicely said @ChampDog. It is just a simple mindset change and the effect is tremendous.

    • KCLau

      Thanks Ken for sharing this mindset shift, which is a vital change everybody needs.

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