Andreas Weiler, Head of Business Development at CompareHero, shared a few tips on how to pay less for services and goods in Malaysia:

  • – make use of comparison website
  • – make use of online discount site
  • – get second hand items

One thing that’s quite obvious but people fail to realize is we do not have to spend more than we have to on goods and services.

There’s an increasing amount of services and tools on the Internet such as our own website, CompareHero, which help ensure that you have a complete and up-to-date overview of services in the markets without having to waste your time going to their individual websites. This information is free. So, without having to pay costs in terms of time and travel, you have a real knowledge of what’s the best product in the market to suit your needs.

Another useful service is the use of e-commerce and online discount sites such as Dealmates or Groupon to avoid paying massive in-store mark-ups out of sale periods. We’re talking massive mark ups of 50% to 70% which you could be saving.

There’s also a tremendous amount of variety. You can find everything from luxury bags to groceries. You also donít have to waste time or money traveling to the store.

Another option, which I believe not too many Malaysians need to hear, is buying items second-hand. is the #1 most visited website in Malaysia. That says a lot for their inventory (there are lots of products of available), also the amount of buying, and the safety of the transactions that go on in the site. So, I would definitely encourage you to do that. I, myself, have bought a plethora of items on Mudah and have been very happy with the transactions.

Now, they’re facing competition from It’s very similar but it is a mobile version of Mudah. It’s a competitor and is actually co-founded by one of my good friends, Camilo Paredes, former Rockets MD from South America. He’s a great guy. He really knows how to run a company. So, do get that app for your phone if you’re looking to sell something or buy something second hand.

So, it’s It’s quite a fun name. It’s a very good play on Southeast Asian food preferences despite their South American backgrounds.

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