We currently live in a world that is continuously changing. Everything is about convenience, making life easier and exciting. Access to credit has never been easier especially with the introduction of modern day credit cards.

If you have a family like me (I am sure that many of you do), life is very complicated indeed. I have a son and raising him takes a lot of work and of course, money. When it comes to managing our finances, my spouse and I are very prudent and holding various cards is normal to take advantage of the benefits offered by the different cards. So, we have several credit cards from different banks, a petrol card and a few hypermarket cards. We also have a bookstore membership card because we want to save money on buying books.

Would it be great not to be bothered with so many cards? Every year, we have to pay annual fees and Service Tax for the various cards. It gets troublesome at times but hey, we are saving money right? If I can reduce the number of cards but still get to save the same amount of money or more, I would certainly grab the chance to do so. Someone recently introduced me to the new Maybankard 2 Cards – Amex and Master (shown above) or Visa that promises to give great savings. I have to raise the question, “Is it possible to get all the benefits, conveniences, rewards and savings without holding on to too many cards?” Will two cards be enough?

Maybankard 2 Cards

Looking at the information supplied, it seems that the offer is too good to be true. I have briefly compiled the benefits below for you. The income criteria is quite reasonable, i.e. RM30,000 and RM60,000 for the Gold and Platinum cards respectively.

* Fastest earn rate
The American Express Card: RM1 = 5X Points
The Master card: RM1 = 1X Point

* Enjoy the best cash back
Maybankard 2 American Express Card give 5% cash back on all retail transactions on weekends.

* Save on finance charges
Both cards give the lowest interest rate 8.88% p.a. (Tier 1).

* Save on balance transfer
Both cards give 12 months zero percent interest.

* Best of both worlds
There is only one service tax for 2 cards.

* Free for life card
The annual fee for both cards is waived for life.

Personally, I find all the benefits to be attractive and I would not mind switching to these two cards. I especially like the 5% cash back as most of my family shopping is done on weekends. In addition, there are value points earned for spending and no fees to pay (for life). The convincing part for me is due to the comparison study shown below.

Cards Comparison

The table above shows that the Maybankard 2 Cards could help customers save up to RM2,300 per annum based on an assumed spending of RM3000 per month or RM36,000 per annum. The comparison was made between the Maybankard 2 Cards, a Platinum Cash Back Card, a Gold Petrol Cash Back Card and a Hypermarket Cash Back Card. Combine the total savings of the other three cards and the figure is still way below the total savings offered by the Maybankard 2 Cards. That is a big savings especially when you have a family to support and I do not mind getting all the advantages.

If you are looking to save money or reduce the number of cards in your wallet or improve your credit card situation or just searching for a suitable credit card, I encourage you to check out the Maybankard 2 Cards. The Maybankard 2 Cards is suitable for everyone, whether you are a young professional or an affluent businessman. Remember, holding the right credit cards and managing them well could make the difference in your financial health or wealth in the long run.

That’s not the end of the fabulous card, the top 300 Eligible Cardmembers with the highest spend (minimum spend of RM15,000) on their Maybankard 2 American Express Card during the Campaign period will be receiving a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you are a thrifty person, don’t fret! There are other fabulous gifts that Maybankard 2 Cards can offer to you. All you have to do is recruit your friends on their Facebook page and you stand a chance to win numerous prizes from Machines and even stand a chance to take home the Grand Prize of RM 10,000 worth of cash vouchers.

Why wait any longer? Sign up now (http://maybankard2cards.com.my/)


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    • Mr Mantra

      Maybank is the best…
      Now i’m just using my ATM card using ‘smart shopping’.
      No need to go to ATM take the money, just slide it like debit card…

      Anyway this card really goood

    • Jerry

      5% Weekend cash back only apply when you spend on Maybankard 2 American Express Card, not applicable for Master/Visa.

      There is a cap of RM50 per customer (Principal Cardmember) per month.

      Read it here: http://www.maybank2u.com.my/WebBank/Product%20Disclosure%20-%20Dual%20New.pdf

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