Did you read the article regarding Maybankard 2 Cards posted earlier? Basically, the idea is that these two credit cards only should be enough to meet all your spending needs and expectations. The whole purpose of having in possession various other cards like a Platinum Cash Back Card and a Hypermarket Cash Back Card on top of your normal credit cards is to save money, right? Well, Maybank has come up with the Maybankard 2 Cards that give you better savings compared to all the other cards combined. Of course, all the savings are subject to certain terms and conditions.

Hence, two cards are all you’ll ever need if your spending fits the benefits provided by this package. Frankly, I have a few credit cards, which I use on a regular basis that suits my spending routine. In my case, these credit cards from Maybank are very suitable for my parents whom help me take care of my household groceries. They normally shop at hypermarkets during weekends and I have a credit card specifically for them to swipe. Now with the Maybank American Express card, I can enjoy 5% weekend rebate on all the purchases. Although the maximum rebate is only RM50 maximum per month, it is more than enough since my parents never spends more than RM1000 for my entire household consumption.

I just got my new Maybankard 2 Cards.

The Maybankard 2 Cards Challenge

As a further incentive, Maybank is also giving you an opportunity to grab fabulous prizes by joining the Maybankard 2 Cards Challenge. Having the Maybankard 2 Cards is great and worthy of sharing with others especially your friends. So, why not spread the news to all your acquaintances and get rewarded for it.

Be one of the earliest to join the challenge contest and grab the advantage of accumulating more points. Go to Maybankard 2 Cards to register for the contest (click on “The Contest” tab for details), then start referring your friends. You’ll begin accumulating points for every friend that registers.

Share the news on Facebook (http://apps.facebook.com/maybankard/contest.php) to all your friends and acquaintances. You will get points both when your friends join in and when your friends recruit their friends as well. There are fabulous prizes to be won as your reward for getting the highest accumulated points. Check them out below:

Top weekly recruiter: iPod Shuffle (5 weekly winners to be chosen)

Top monthly recruiter: iPad

Grand prize for top recruiter: RM10,000 Machines Cash Voucher

The contest period is 18th January – 17th April 2011. Everyone has a fair chance to win one of the prizes, it could be you! Act now and take the first step at http://maybankard2cards.com.my/

This is a sponsored post by Maybank.

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    • Ken

      I have received my Maybank2 Cards last month, and this week when I check my online statement, it’s true that I have received the cash back. Plus there’s a Higher 5X points for every ringgit that we spend (Maybank 2 AMEX). this card is so much better than the C***bank card that I have been using for 10 years. As a result I have terminated and canceled my other credit cards and stick only to this Maybank2 cards.

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