Top Money Tips for Malaysians is being translated into Malay language. Last month, I’ve put up a poll to ask your feedback whether I should include my photo on the cover design.

Thanks for your feedback

Most of you said that I should go ahead. Just put up the picture because

  • Most author do so, why not?
  • It shows that I am a “real” person
  • It is easy to recognize when I publish new books in the future
  • It gives a personal feel, more bonding to the readers
  • It is a great publicity
  • It is the perfect time to reveal myself

However, some readers did give me very constructive feedbacks of not putting up the picture reasoning that:

  • People won’t care about how I look
  • Because it is a translation, I should keep the cover in tact.
  • I am not famous. Don’t fool myself.
  • The cover design may not be attractive if there is big picture of my face

Poll Result

There are more than 200 votes from you.

Poll Result

72% voted “Yes”
28% voted “No”

Therefore, the decision is pretty easy to be made. I decided to include my picture on the cover. But it won’t be a very big picture showing all the defects on my face (sorry that I didn’t allocate any budget for facial care). Instead, there will be a small picture printed on the back cover.

I take your advice seriously. Special thanks to:
Ray Lee
Woon Lip Fuey
Tan Wei Yee

Thanks a lot for your participation in the poll and I learnt a lot from your comments.

I will post the finalized cover design here soon.


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    2 replies to "[Poll Result] My picture on the cover?"

    • Ryan

      The results of your poll are pretty interesting, I would not have guessed that the majority of people want a face on the cover.

      Way to be quite humble about it and best of luck on your final cover rendition.

      Ryan @ Plantingdollars

    • shetreasures

      Thanks for the useful tips.. btw.. i love to cook and have recipes of myself as i mentioned in my blog.. visit more yah 🙂

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