My book Top Money Tips for Malaysians has been translated into Malay language.

I would like to thank you for replying my email asking for your help to suggest the Malay book title. The book title is not yet finalized. I will put up the best three for you to vote in the coming weeks.

From the feedback from friends and my customers, many of them asked me why didn’t I put up my picture on the book cover. Most authors (especially business books author) do that. It is like having a free rack space on the bookstores that keep displaying my picture and promoting my business.

I didn’t put up any picture in my first book because I felt a bit shy to do so. I fear that people will recognize me when I look at my own book in the bookstores. The vanity sense is prohibiting me to put up the picture.

But looking at the positive side, it may be a great idea. My future prospects will be able to recognize me from the book cover. It may build a sense of trust.

So what do you think? Should I put up my picture on the cover of my next book published?


Tell me what you think in the comment section below.


Personal finance author and trainer

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    • Chee Kui

      Wow, having your photo on your book would be great! 🙂

      Please do so, hehe!

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    • Tan Wei Yee

      Certainly yes. However to do this, dress smartly and wear a serious face like those experienced financial consultant of planner to project a professional outlook. Remember to button your lounge suit. But the most important thing is to maintain interesting topics that will enthrall the interest and attention of your readers. Best of all, get some marketing people to do some roadshow to promote your coming books.

    • Benson

      I think better just put small photo at the back of the book instead in front cover of the book unless u r great and recognized gurus like Bill gates, Warren Buffet, Jack Welch and so on. All the best KC.

    • Ray Lee

      Hi KC,

      Allow me to feedback on putting your picture on your book cover. My suggestion that its better not to put your picture in your book cover.. BUT… you can always put it at your preface or at the internal flap at the back book cover (if your back book cover have an additional internal book cover flap) .. together with intro of your background..

      By doing so, it meet 2 objectives:-
      (1) you wont have to face the pressure of the vanity sense..
      (2) you still can promote yourself to be recognised by your readers..

      Sometimes its better not to follow the crowd just because the rest of them do it..
      You are unique on your own ie. you’re a financial book author with a music career background at your belt..

      First of all, you must ask yourself this question; the reason I want to put my picture at my book cover is to promote or do branding for my book, my or my personal self?

      If promote your branding via book &, the words of wisdom & gems that you shared via your book, articles & materials in blog will makes you tick, not your personal self.. unless you are in the entertaining/performing business like in your music industry, that’s different..

      To gain your public exposure so that many people will know you personally, not only via book or your website, perhaps you can think of holding a series of money tips sharing workshop in bookshops that sells your books or perhaps you can also conduct some short seminar/courses on personal finance tips/etc… that would be great!

      People like Adam Khoo become a very successful & best selling author & peak performance consultant/trainer at the same time gains his popularity via his books & personal appearance at seminars, previews, workshops, etc. & he also have a wikipedia autobiography of himself too.

      People like, a well-know blogger promote his personal self (beside his blog) via putting some personal appearance via youtube, wikipedia, etc.. speaks volume for his personal branding..

      Hope the above helps for your direction to move forward in your journey as a renown figure / best selling author in the financial planning/personal finance in Malaysia.. All the best!

      • KCLau

        Thanks for your constructive feedback

    • Faizal

      KC, readers can take your book and ‘you’ anywhere in this world. 😉

    • Lynn

      why not? 😉 it’s really as simple as that (ya, i know you say you are shy..but)…move up, move forward!

    • Vincent

      As what I noticed, put your picture in the book cover will make people remember you and your book better. 🙂

    • Razif

      Why not… ? 🙂

    • Coinstar

      Unless you are well known then no need to put your pic on the cover. Maybe you can put small pic in the back

    • Janice

      It all depends on how confident you are with the book whether is going to sell or not. Say if is selling well then readers will recognize you on the cover and grab your next book you have written rather than reading the name of the author. Or is just the opposite if your book is not selling and readers at one look at your photo will not want to buy it. So no matter what, if your photo is on the cover, do everything you can to help to sell the book.

    • waiho

      I think you should put your photos in.. good way for people to recognize u

    • Lai Seng Choy

      It should be the time now to make more people know you.

    • Adino

      I think it depends on the topic of your book. With the title Top Money Tips for Malaysians, putting your photo on the cover may not be attractive enough for book store shoppers to pick up your book.

      Unless, you plan to pose for some creative photographs on your book cover. Maybe showing yourself sleeping on piles of money or something crazy to attract the shopper’s attention.

      But, you should definitely put your photo either at the back cover of the book or the inside covers, for the reader to be able to identify with you, and put a face to the words they are reading.

    • 2bz4money

      Do maintain your English cover version. Bcoz..people will mistakenly buy your book in Malay version eventhough they’ve one in English version. Unless… u put some remarks in front cover that the book is a translation from English version. Don’t do direct translation…It must be catchy but quite simple e.g. Rahsia Bijak Mengurus Wang Terbongkar..

    • sayeed

      Hi KC;
      This is not your 1st book authored, so go ahead, put in your picture. It will give a good sense to the reader, who are they reading from.
      Not to worry about market looking at you and knowing you, i think it is time for you to reveal yourself out and let the market know there is a person, KC Lau.
      Good Luck.

    • Relax

      I think you should include your photo by doing a Renesial Leung, by dressing up like a king or general. hehe just kidding.

      I think you should pose behind a manager table or something.

    • Ani Munirah

      May I suggest the following titles for ur Malay version of ‘Top Money Tips for Malaysians’

      1. Tit-tip Kewangan Hebat Untuk Rakyat Malaysia
      2. Tip-tip Kewangan Utama Untuk Rakyat Malaysia
      3. Tip-tip Kewangan Terbaik Untuk Rakyat Malaysia

      Personally I think suggestion#2 fits most to the word ‘Top’. Just my 2 cents… 🙂

      BTW, when will it be available? I can’t wait to get a copy for myself, notwithstanding I already have the English version…

    • Kumar

      I think you should place your picture on the cover

      1. It gives a personal feel or touch to the book. Some people (me included) I observed while
      browsing thru books at stores, do occasionaly go back to the cover to have a look at the

      2. It will surely make you a recognisable face and may well open the gate for future
      business among the public

      3. Last but not least, may well gives you a personal satisfaction that your ‘face’ is out
      there among Azizi Ali, Robert Kiyosaki etc.. on book shelves

      All the best !

    • Woon Lip Fuey

      Its a good comment from Henry.
      Pardon me to give you some “no” as a reference:
      1)Before people look through your book, there may look at your cover first, unless there know you earlier, but I don’t think the whole country know you(so sorry if its hurting). For me, I won’t choose those book’s cover puts with the author’s photo, it brings me in-confidential of the content of the books. In short, a bad first impression.
      2)You said that your feedback which suggest you to put your photo as a cover of your new book are from your customers and friends, have you get any feedback from stranger? What do they may say?
      3)What is your intention to translate your book? Meet the market of Malay reader? Receive some requests from Malay customers that they prefer read your book in Malay? Or your simply desirous? Or else?
      If you meet my guessing of the first intention, you shouldn’t change your original cover and just put on the Malay words. Malay customer may have a good impression of you because you do this for them. Once you change your cover, your content still the same, but they need to recognize your book through your name, and they don’t know your intention of translating is used to put them in convenient to read your books.
      If you meet my guessing of the second intention, as the 2nd comment i state, I don’t think once they have your book in English, they will buy another same book but different language again. It will, but rare.
      If you meet my guessing of the third intention, my opinion is, I know many of foreign author put their photo as their cover of their books. But first you should know what are their background, and it may their trend in their market of their country, they might be CEO of some companies, or owning million or billion dollar property, or else that you feel he is respective. Unless your experience are as Lim Guo Dong or you are famous as Yahoo creator Yang Zhi Yuan. If not, I think its better to state general, I mean keep the cover same unless you write the second version. Now you just translate to Malay right? not writing another new book right?
      Last but not least, I don’t know you know Chinese or not, there are some words I wish to comment you 别让眼前的成功冲昏了脑袋,这是迈向成功的禁忌。
      Again, sorry man, if my post is hurting you, I just tried to give you my sincerity comment. ^^

      • KCLau

        Thanks a lot for your feedback. The purpose of the book is to cover the market who don’t normally read English book. I’m Chinese educated and I am planning to translate the book into Chinese version as well.

    • Abang

      That will be good, AT least people will recognise you.

      also i want to take this opportunity to introduce a method to help people to save with my newly launched WAYS2SAVE and SIMPAN CHALLENGE

      check it out

    • Chai Hoon

      For branding purpose, I think you should put your picture on the cover. It’ll be easier for people to identify your books in future.

      Probably you should have a fixed format for the cover of this & future books for the same purpose.

    • Henry

      I think you should put your photo on your book:
      1) Most author do so, so why not?
      2) Most customer judge the book by 1st impression, with your confidence look on the front page, it gave customer the good confidence that this is a good book (even sometimes I do so)
      3) People will recognize your book easily if you are going to have 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on book to published in future.

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