Two reviews had been posted about my new book Top Money Tips for Malaysian.

First is a review by Zul from Skorcareer.

Top Money Tips for Malaysians (Book) by KC Lau | SKORCAREER

The book goes beyond advocating the readers to live within the means by empowering you to find other ways and alternatives that would generate extra cash flows into the revenue side of your financial statement. The fact that it was written to serve the needs for Malaysians in the Malaysian market made the book even more practical to read.

The second review is posted Mr. Poh Swee Hiang:

Wealth & Wellness Network: TOP Money TIPS for Malaysians

I have found this book not an ordinary one as compared to the many titles on the book shelves, which are full of jargon and theories, that are far from practical.

Mr. Poh is selling the book at a discount rate. You can buy on his website at RM25/copy.

Last night I tried to Google my book title and it appears on the front page of MPH Online.

I am yet to visit MPH bookstore so I’m not sure if it is on the shelf already. Please let me know if you do.

By the way, please give me your feedback about the book in the comment section below.
I would give away a special Great Eastern management diary to the best commenter(s).


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    39 replies to "Top Money Tips for Malaysian Book Review"

    • Restart

      Hi KC, you know you preview books of Top Money Tips gave me an overview of myself that I am one of the err so called financial idiots and I didnt expect that all the tips where very usefull. In fact I have actually starting to apply it slowly as I had only read it yesterday.However your books not available in KK.any way please always send me info always.THANK YOU AS YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!

      • KCLau

        Thanks for your support!

    • Nana


      I am interested to buy this book. Can you give more discount since it is a used book? btw, and you don’t need it anymore.

      I bought this book at 15% discount at Popular. Maybe you can give me like 40% discount? I want to buy another one to give it to my sister who is working in KL.

    • Relax

      Haha multiple nicknames

      I would like to give credit to comictan as well
      he add a bit of magic to the book. Maybe small boi boi will ask papa about the book thanks to those funny comics. 🙂

    • God

      Haaaalooooo Marxy
      You have commented enough with your nick name – Feelcheated
      Now you can use WatchDog as your next disguise

      GOD is watching yoooooouuuuu…..

    • FeelCheated

      CheeKL, don’t try to “judge” how other is like from you own perspective simply based on your own experience gained through your old ages. Don’t put down those words like “we old people eat salt more than you eat rice”. It works no more these days. Who is that stupid marxy that I wanna be friend with ?

      Damn … no one interested for this book that I put up for sale at 10% discount.

    • CheeKL

      My Dear Marxy,

      You and my son must be of the same generation 🙂 Young, handsome, bold, crude and blunt, feels like he knows everything under the sun, and he can never be wrong.

      I guess only time can grow all the young generation like my son, and like you Marxy, just like my dear son.

      When you mature enough, one day you look back you would realize, in this world, there is no absolute right or wrong, and respect each other is most important.

      Anyway, I guess I will just stop here on this topic. If my guess is correct and that you are like my son, I am sure you will keep coming back, until no one response to your comment. Or maybe Feelcheated will be your best friend, to me, you two can make good brothers, same thought, same thinking, haha, again, just like my son.

      Period on this topic.

      KC – do you know between Popular, Borders and MPH, are all of them selling your book the same price? i heard Popular has discount, is that right?

    • marxy

      Relax, I got your “message” now: being a good(responsible) reader to feedback to the author for better improvement of his book is “stupid”. And once we make someone guru, we must follow all suits (blindly).

      KC, I also got your “message” now: only positive comments are welcomed. You are already financial GOD and every of your idea is perfectly executable.

      Titan, at least you are open-minded and now how to digest unlike others.

      CheeKL, allow me to suggest you taking further steps to reduce the “generation gap” between you and your son. But pls don’t poison his mind that so long as money coming in, who cares where’s the money from.

      Yoyo, I love your idea. It’s simpler and straingt-forward.

      FeelCheated, count me in for the re-sale of this book.

      Finally, based on KC’s concept of “getting things for free”, I am going to start writing books entitled “The Complete Idiot Guide to Get All Things FREE in Your Life” & “All Things Are FREE For Dummies”. They are only in hardcopies so FeelCheated you won’t “feel cheated” again if you buy it.

      I am prepare to share the profit with you, KC, since it’s your “idea” to help people living in fantasy of a virtually “FREE” world.

    • Yoyo

      Aiyo CheeKL, I think the easiest way to get the first car free is – use my parent’s old car, slowly they will give it to me. Muahahaha.

    • CheeKL

      Actually I found KC’s get the first car ‘free’ NCD tips very useful. Putting aside the title whether it is appropriate or not, you will be surprise many people don’t realize they should save some money via this way. Especially the youngster. I tried tell my son about it, he never bother, now he show me KC Lau’s book. haha. Funny. Sometimes it’s just easier to have others educate your child.

      Anyway, provided you can save some money, that is a good tips. Title is not important.

    • KCLau

      @ Relax,

      I love your words of wisdom.
      I read Seth Godin’s blog .. almost every blog post.
      But I still buy all his books.

      I’ve been providing free contents here for two years. Those who follow it know that much of the content of my new book is available on this blog. But yet, many ordered it. Some even order more copies to give it to their friends and relatives.

      There are tons of information on the Internet. Yet, I still buy a lot of book every year. That’s for the pleasure of reading, not staring at monitor’s screen.

    • Relax


      I agree with you that forum mudslinging is childish but I disagree that having internet content on book is ripping off. Many bloggers like Mahathir, Raja petra, and seth godin have their blog content in their books and that’s normal. Many people still buy their stuffs. They simply give offline readers an access to the information. Period.

      The only stupid people are those who know there’s a blog and the book has similar stuffs yet they go and buy the book and whine afterward. Dah tau ada taik masih mau makan.

      Anyways, I agree with Titan. If you think KC Lau’s blog and book are a waste of your time, just leave peacefully. No need to start a mud war to make yourself look stupid. You don’t have to like every thing in this world but that doesn’t mean you must burn everything you dislike.

      Happy new year.

    • Titan

      Happy New Year.. looks like you all spent your new year eve and new year day celebration @ this website huh 🙂

      Marxy, if I were you, I would just burn his book and never waste time on his blog 🙂

      Cool down everyone.. Just my sincere thoughts, on middle ground, no offense.

      I come from the marketing career. A lot of title or theme are always over exaggerate to attract attention. E.g. the famous Digi yellowman adverstisement, it says ‘I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go..’, or the Diamond Radio ads that says ‘Ling Ji Jia’. Are they really what it means? You gotta digest it on your own. But from the marketing standpoint, they are very successful example, because everyone knows them.

      Having said that, I am not a fans of KC Lau, but I definitely appreciate his sharing of financial knowledge and tips. I have been reading his blog for almost 1 year. Are all his sharing applicable to me? Not really. Some aren’t that practical to me, but I believe they are people out there that would find it practical. I read Robert T & Warren B book too, I will often digest on my own and find out things that are practical for my life.

      So, I suggest putting emotional aside, appreciate what make sense to you, and filter those that you think is not so applicable. Never find fault, because it may be applicable to others. There are just too much different individual in this world.

      Sigh.. Just wonder why am I say long winded today.. Have a great 2009! KC, keep sharing your tips!

    • KCLau
    • FeelCheated

      what can you do marxy ? bite me !?

      you people fight here will only draw more people into buying the book, even the content is all here! So stop it dude!

    • marxy

      Skywalker, save that for yourself or redirect them to financial experts to come out with a workable and sure-fire financial “tips”. I guess we have gone too far from my initial argument.

      FeelCheated, watch out for your mouth.

    • skywalker


      Do you want me to give you more links and references so that you can quote to give us subway riders more of your “point-of-view” and “opinion”?

      Believe you will definitely appreciate them and read them “carefully”, with “open-mind” and “open-eyes” 🙂

    • marxy

      Skywalker said:

      “Guess you like to give advice as if we all are in Wall Street

      Look, no matter you are riding a Rolls Royce or just a subway to either Wall Street or just Bursa KL, I never give you or any other blog readers any (financial) advices. I’m merely communicating my point-of-view with the book’s author, my respected financial expert KC, on his “advice” (the “tip”) instead.

    • marxy


      I know you “LOVE” KC’s financial advices. So do I. But this does not mean I will ALWAYS accept all his advices 100% (or in other words, blind-folded).

      In another discussion thread I have eleborated in great length that why I opinion that it is “technically wrong” to have a “perception” that an amount saved in a venture could be regarded as being used to pay for another venture, and thus the latter is “FREE”. Read here:

    • marxy

      Skywalker, quoted from the URL given by you, read these paragraphs again “carefully”, with open-mind and open-eyes:

      “The world is also filled with biased advice, which is why people say, “Never ask an insurance broker if you need insurance, or a mutual-fund sales person if they recommend mutual funds.” Furthermore, there are many crooks and con artists as well, who intentionally promote dishonest ventures. ”

      “In my opinion, that means each of us needs to be responsible for our own financial education so we can tell the difference between good advice, biased advice, and crooked advice. If you can educate yourself to know the differences between those three types of advice, getting rich is easy.”

    • marxy


      Read this paragraph again “carefully”, with open-mind and open-eyes:

      “In my opinion, that means each of us needs to be responsible for our own financial education so we can tell the difference between good advice, biased advice, and crooked advice. If you can educate yourself to know the differences between those three types of advice, getting rich is easy.”

    • Fann


      You write a little, but it already shows your wisdom.


      You write a lot, but it still can’t take away my love for KCLau’s money tips.
      You prove nothing so far.

    • marxy

      Don’t GODed anyone. Anyone can make mistakes. The precious point is after realizing that it is a mistake, admit it and make good it; and not trying to cover it with another “mistake”.

    • marxy


      You are correct! If anyone(no need to be a doctor) manage to “show” that the chemical content of that medicine is “not good”, then the patient should “doubt” it and not taking the medicine as told by that so-called “doctor”. The patient should seek alternative opinion from other “doctor” (I suppose a more qualified one).

      You know, “doctor” makes mistakes, too!

    • skywalker

      Marxy, you remind me of Robert Kiyosaki’s favorite quotes from famed investor Warren Buffett:

      “Wall Street is the only place that people ride to work in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.”

      Guess you like to give advice as if we all are in Wall Street 🙁

    • KCLau


      you said “since I cannot give a better “tip”, what is said to be a “tip” so far is actually a good “tip” then. :LOL”

      indirectly, you are saying that a patient shouldn’t take the medicine given by a doctor, just because another person (named Marxy, who is not a doctor by the way) said that the medicine is not good.

    • marxy

      Hi skywalker, I don’t have any REAL “tip” to get a car for free. You know, I am no “expert” in financial field. I only look at things in a more proper and practical perspective.

      I hope you will never opinion that since I cannot give a better “tip”, what is said to be a “tip” so far is actually a good “tip” then. :LOL

    • skywalker

      marxy, maybe you can enlighten us with some idea that can be considered as a “tip” and you have ever practised it.

    • marxy

      Sorry KC, the thousands of Ringgit saved has NOTHING to do with getting a car free. They are two entirely different matters.

      The fact is the entire idea presented does not constitute a “tip”.

    • marxy

      Hi KC, while everyone wrote about the good points of your book I shall complement it with a negative one.

      Anyway KC, I have to agree that you have written a fairy “good” book on personal finance matters; But sorry KC, I’ve to said the so-called TIP to “Get Your FIRST car FREE” is impractical, misleading and a totally self-created “illusion”.

      You HAVE NOT & NEVER “Get Your FIRST car FREE” by doing what you have suggested. You have only created a (SS: Syok Sendiri) “feeling” that as if you get the first car free.

      Please re-think this so-called tip carefully before I “reveal” why I said so: “impractical, misleading and a totally self-created “illusion””.

      Please allow me to suggest that you take this “tip” out of your book in order to make it a better one.

      • KCLau

        The title “Get Your First Car Free” is somehow exaggerate the matter. Undeniably, it still save you thousands of ringgit if you follow the method.

    • KCLau


      Please contact me and provide your mailing address. I will send you an exclusive diary for 2009.

      @ Relax,
      I will be going to KL this weekend. Contact me and provide your hand phone no. I will pass the diary to you when we meet 🙂

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    • Zul

      I saw the book making its way to the MPH’s top ten for last week’s ending. Congrats!

    • anor

      hello. I find that further explanation is needed take make it more complete. However the tips are gems. Good try.

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    • alan

      It’s very easy reading book. I like it because it contain a lots of comics that explain the points…

    • Relax

      Thanks for the helpful reviews.
      Last week, before my holiday trip, I went to MPH Mid Valley twice but didn’t see your book there.

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