I was invited to attend the Maybank2u 2.0 exclusive preview last Monday, at Delicious in Marc Residence, just next to KLCC. Maybank2u is the most visited website in Malaysia with 157 million pageviews per month, even more popular than The Star Online (local news) and Malaysia Today (political blog).

I’ve got some goodies from the event and it will be given to you. Read this whole post to find out how you can participate to get these exclusive items.

Are you a M2U user?

I have been using M2U for many years. Honestly, I am not facinated by the existing M2U service, but I still use it a lot because most people has a Maybank account. There are Maybank branches everywhere. It is easy for you to get paid, and also save you the inter-bank transaction cost if you are going to pay someone online.

You shouldn’t be too worried about the security of internet banking. It is now much safer than before to do transaction online.

How’s the new look?

This is how existing M2U looks like. In the secured login page, you will find a very long list of items and functions you can perform on the left sidebar. It is indeed very confusing and takes some time to get used to it if you are a new user.

But with the new M2U 2.0, it is much better! Everything is neat, tidy and easy to navigate with tabs on the top header. The login button is shifted to the top right corner.

New Features

Functionality wise, it is pretty much the same as before. You can do a lot of money-related transaction with M2U. I think the best part is that M2U recruited more than 600 corporation payees. You can practically pay most of the bills online that you can think of.

This is the new login page.

I really like the new layout too. All the essentials stuff are above the fold, meaning that you don’t have to scroll down in order to look at the whole page.

The best part is that you can directly request a TAC on the bottom right corner. I believe that if you are an existing M2U user, you must have encountered the problem of TAC late delivery. Whenever we need to do a new transaction that is not registered before, we need the six digit TAC delivered to our mobile phone for security reason. There are occasion when the TAC only came several hours later after the request. You can now request for the TAC at the first moment you login with the new M2U 2.0.

Meeting Bloggers

This is the first time I attended this sort of gathering that involves other bloggers. I met YowChuan from Meshio.com, who is also a local personal finance blogger. I thought I am very tall (182cm), but YowChuan is even taller! We have a great chat and I believe we will be working together on some projects in the near future.

There are many other bloggers who attended the preview session. Some of them had already blogged about it.
Here is just a short list:

Maybank2U 2.0 Preview | snsBlog

Did you know that Maybank2U.com (M2U) has over 1 million active users each month? 

Maybank2U 2.0 Sneak Preview: Maybank2Me » Stone Soup of an Online Business

I was skeptical especially when there are too much user involvement during the user experience studies…

Exclusive Maybank2u 2.0 Preview from RedesignMalaysia- Stuff You Won’t See That Soon…Yet!

All in all, its pretty straightforwardly nice and well organized. The grid layout is consistent, and makes things easy to find. 

Do you want this Pendrive?

I got a very nice exclusive PenDrive during the event. I am going to giveaway the 2.0 Gb Pendrive to one of the commenter on this post. Just leave a comment to get a chance to win this Pendrive.

Just tell us what you think about Maybank2u? What’s your experience with it? What is the new features you anticipate?

I will draw a winner next Wednesday. If you write a post about this giveaway and link to this post, you will get another entry.

Happy internet banking!


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    34 replies to "Maybank2u 2.0 Exclusive Preview"

    • dennis

      I am wondering whether M2U enable us to transfer stock to another account online ? Some bank can do it.

    • IRC

      How do I trade shares with Maybank2U? I have been using their site for other banking services but not for shares yet. I do not hear good reviews for their share trading service, wonder whether its worthwhile to do it via Maybank2U.

      Kindly advice on the steps from opening account and how to trade. No experience lah!


    • SJ Goh

      I got this perculiar problem with my Vista Home Edition. Requesting for the tac was not a problem when the notebook was new roughly a year ago… but since a few months ago, each time I request for a tac number, the pop up screen would replace my existing maybank2u screen, rendering the request totally pointless as it is as good as having logged out. maybank helpline promised to return my call but nope… nothing after that complaint call. The problem continues. On some days, requesting from main menu works fine with a pop up screen added on, but on some days, it replaces my entire page… Ive disabled my pop up software… but no help…. also tried to restore ie settings to default… still no go… any suggestions?

    • nurul syazwani

      i want to complaint due to bad service at maybank jalan tengah,bayan baru,penang branch. it happens on 8th November, 15.25pm, at counter 4. An old lady working there, she’s so rude.i don’t mind if this is the first time,but it has happened twice. So she has crossed the line. On that day she asked me for my ID card. I’d told her that my card don’t have 64k chip, and then she want me to make a new one. That’s ok. After that i told her that another bank doesn’t need my ID verification.They just slot in their card and i put my thumbs in the machine and i key in my pin code. So,in my opinion maybank uses the old version of machine. why the other bank can do my ATM card without slot in mycard? if i have the card i wouldn’t wait my turn to withdraw my money. i just came back from work and i’m tired. Then she scolded at me to change bank. Is it rational or not?all the workers at my company uses maybank, is it rational the company has to change bank because of me? What a fool lady.So i told her that i have to use maybank, then she scream at me in front of the crowd. She said why don’t you use that bank? if you like that bank you just exchange to that bank. I was so embarassed. so i want maybank to take some actions to that old lady working at counter 4. i don’t want your customer runaway because of her. she thinks that she’s old she have to disrespect a younger? i respect her but she’s disrespect me. so i don’t care whether she’s old or what. Malaysians is a democracy state so i have the rights to complaint. Thank you.

    • azruddin

      for me maybank2u make sustainable world become easy for life style. TQ

    • kumudthaa

      its very convinient to me . In limited time able to settle all my bills without traffic jam, queing, tiring n so so. Syabas to maybank 2u. However do not operate the system when its slow. thank s again maybank.

    • sundri

      I’ve not been using M2U at all.Thanks for telling us about maybank2u v2.

    • raymond

      I am using Ms Money to manage it.

    • KCLau

      Haha .. Malaysia “boleh”
      One thing I need to complain about is there is no way to find more details
      about the historical transaction.

    • raymond
    • KCLau

      Hi Fathersez, I setup credit auto payment for every recurring bill
      that's possible, except the water bill paid to PBA, which had to be
      done via m2u bi-monthly

      Via iphone (爱疯)

    • fathersez

      Oh! I did not know that MBB had changed their website. Right now I only use it for checking my statements, so its about once a month or so. I prefer to use the credit cards to pay my bills (and get points), rather than direct debits.

      Anyway will check out the new website and the features.

    • […] the others were bloggers. Very cliquey, but maybe I exude an aura of aloofness. They also blogged: kclau, jason, liewcf (whom I finally got to meet after all the chatting previously), suanie, davidlian, […]

    • KCLau

      If that is the case, it is really misleading. “Current Balance” include the
      new charges after the statement is issued.

    • […] the others were bloggers. Very cliquey, but maybe I exude an aura of aloofness. They also blogged: kclau, jason, liewcf (whom I finally got to meet after all the chatting previously), suanie, davidlian, […]

    • F.K.

      i just tried beta page just now, first thing I noticed, the new M2U are showing credit cards statement balance as “Current Balance”. This is so misleading and confusing.

    • […] Maybank2u 2.0 Exclusive Preview […]

    • Fen

      I've not been using M2U much for many reasons, hopefully with the new look, it'll be easier for dummies like me. One question … do they charge us for 3rd party transfer if say, we use it more than certain number of times? Like how they rip us 50 sen for each withdrawal after 4 times a month.

    • Amy

      The best things I encounter with Maybank2U is their electronic FD which is very convenient. For me, it is there to help those people who is undecided of where their money goes (whether to unit trust, shares, or bonds) to place in there for a while. This earn some interest, and along the way, when decision is made, we can draw out all money from FD through online banking while earning interest of at least 3%. The rest of Maybank2U functionality is similar to others except that HSBC provides more secure login. Customer service is still not at the bright side but is better than public bank.

    • Yow Chuan

      Hey KC, nice picture. Hope you don't mind I “pirate” the picture for my Maybank launch review.

      Unfortunately, the pictures I shot that day was mostly blurred, due to shaky hands and a hungry stomach.

    • KCLau

      It is indeed very convenient to have all accounts at one banks. It
      saves you a lot of trips to the bank.

      Via iphone (爱疯)

    • JC

      I have been using Maybank2u for most of my banking needs because I have savings & current accounts and credit card with the bank. I check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, request for cheque books. Recently I am also using their eFD service to place or uplift my fixed deposits. It is very convenient!

    • KCLau

      Not sure about this

      Via iphone (爱疯)

    • Neo

      The new design looks pretty good, but too bad not much functionality upgrade, right?

    • Peter Chen

      Hi KCLau,

      The current M2U limits the number of alphanumeric characters for the password to 12 which I think is ridiculous for online banking. Has that changed?

    • chong

      I started using M2U approx 1 year back. I was looking for an online stock trading account and opted for M2U because of the ease of bills payments. However, M2U is dissapointing for the following reasons :-
      1) system slow in opening up the online stock trading system. Not sure if this problem is limited to streamyx users. MBB claims to be aware but have not seen any improvements as yet.
      2) I am required to register my payee institutions first before I can commence bills payment. I shud be given the option of selecting the payee institution; click on it, complete the details and made the ad-hoc payments.
      3) I have no direct CDS account under the online trading system which will enable me to apply for IPOs. They shud reconsider this considering they have a securities firm arm.
      4) should also provide for online remittance facilties.

      Just my thoughts.

    • KCLau

      email has been a major communication medium amongst corporate employees and business people. I tried contacted several banks before via email, almost 80% didn't reply. The fastest reply I got is Citibank.

    • KCLau

      this is a great suggestion

    • KCLau

      It is not yet opened to public

      Via iphone (爱疯)

    • Calvin

      Is there any link to new M2U? I tried to access maybank2u.com.my but it shown old layout design.

    • Voyager8

      I am among the pioneer M2U user who has been using it even before it was officially launched, some 8 years ago.

      One thing I would like to see for improvement is their Contact Us function. Other banks' online banking system include a complete messaging function to send out announcement, alert and to communicate with users, with Inbox and Outbox and new message alert after login.

      The location of current M2U Contact Us is not even in the menu, take some time to find if you haven't used it before. It is just a very simple feedback form, which send out email to their customer service dept. Sometimes, the feedback form failed to work, and there is no way the user know if the message is successfully sent out or not. There is no Inbox nor Outbox, so you have to wait for their reply in your own email client, sometimes the reply will arrive few weeks after.

      I prefer using online communication with banks, rather than calling them. If you have called them before, you might already have been experience wasting a lot of time going through the phone banking system pressing this button and that button, and end up all the officers are busy and have to wait a long time again before your call is answered.

      Hope that they have improvement in this, for their customer to be easier to reach them.

    • F.K.

      I have been using Maybank2u for around 5 years, and with this new layout, it seems still bit complicated to get use to (just like when I first use M2U). Have been using it for this long, I hope with this new upgrade, they will provide more details on the description of the bill payments made instead of just ” PYMT FROM A/C” or “CREDIT ADVISE”. And I hope this time I can click on the description to get back all the reference required.

    • Shazana


      I am a regular lurker here :P Love your updates ^^ Thanks for telling us about maybank2u v2. I certainly like the new cleaner look. MUCH easier on the eyes. Until it is released though I dont think I can say I will like using it any more or less than I do now besides enjoy looking at it.

      Honestly, I dont like maybank much due to poor customer service but admittedly their online banking is the most widely used thus automatically translating into their being the most popular online banking platform. I have never heard much praise for the bank in general itself but that is true for most banks too so *shrugs*.

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