Building wealth requires a lot of hard work. You must make sure that all the “hard works” are “smart works” as well because in these days, cows and bulls don’t get rich anymore. Only “smart” cows and bulls do get rich at the end of the day.

Let me introduce you to a friend, whom I get to know through my blog (he is a reader like you). After exchanging emails with him for a several weeks, I found that he is a hard working young man with a lot of knowledge to share with us, especially in the field of real estate investment.

Have you ever wonder how the developers price their new development projects? Why developers wouldn’t build a double-storey terrace house even though the demand is high? Find out what CKWong share with us in his article: Costing of Constructing Residential Property

CKWong also pitches an interesting theory in another post. He said rather to keep waiting for the right deal to come, why not follow the new rule –  Buy now and wait!

Are you determined to be a millionaire? Let’s look at what CKWong does before 28 to make his first million ringgits!

Visit now and learn to build significant wealth through property investment! I learn a lot from him. I bet that you will too.


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    • […] Rising property prices have become a hot topic and many investors have jumped into the property market lately amid the present of many cooling measures introduced by the authorities. It is common that many people keep large amount of their money in savings accounts or fixed deposits and refuse to take any kind of risk with it even for the low-risk fixed income type of investments. Yet, once the opportunity to buy a property turns up during a property boom, they quickly take out all that money and place it on the initial down payment for the property. […]

    • marcus

      Thanks a lot KCLAU. Your information such a great value for me. I stay in Alor Setar and i plan to buy house at Alor Setar to invest but at the moment i saw a lot of newly develop open for sale. is it now the right time to buy a house and sold it after a five years time?

      • KCLau


        It is really hard to say. If you do proper research and have the experience, there are always good deals anytime. We just need to look for it.

    • Definitely worth building your property empire, one property at a time. Id look to buy a place every 2-3 years. My first property will be paid off in about 6 years time and will net me over $3,000/month in cash flow. Great stuff for retirement!

      Greetings from California!



      Rich By 30 Retire By 40

    • B@L@

      one of the advise given by Robert G Allen, don’t wait for the right time to purchase property, buy a property and then wait for right time to make some profit. What rich people doing is second (so make profit) and what middle class people doing is first one, so most of the time they complaining the property only for rich people. correct me if i am wrong.

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