How Every Ringgit Spent in Hong Kong Taught Me a Financial Lesson

Journey with me through the financial labyrinth of Hong Kong, a city where even Michelin-star noodles and street food come with a premium price tag. From sky-high real estate to costly lattes, discover why every Ringgit spent here feels like a masterclass in money and investing. If you're a Malaysian contemplating a life or investment in Asia's financial hub, this is your indispensable guide to navigating the golden toll gates of opportunity and pitfalls. Think of it as your Rich Dad playbook for surviving Hong Kong's concrete jungle.

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Ageless Celebrities and Age-Old Wealth Secrets

Ever wonder why celebrities look so young, and how they manage to preserve their youthful appearance? From social gatherings with Chinese pop stars, I discovered the secret lies in early maintenance and strategic treatments. But these lessons extend beyond physical appearance to something equally crucial - financial well-being. Whether it's maintaining our looks or growing our wealth, the principle is the same: start young, and do it right. Join me as we explore celebrity anti-aging secrets and uncover powerful strategies for financial independence. Because it's never too late to look young, live free, and secure a prosperous future!

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5 Blind Spots of Saving Money (and How to Overcome Them)

“I don’t make enough money.” This could be the most common reason people find it challenging to save up some substantial money. If this is you, please stay on and let me help you unveil some blind spots. When you strive hard to increase your income, you will have to take care of the “savings” side and integrate it into your lifestyle and habits. So if you can save money when you are not making much, I am sure you will be able to save much more when you are actually making more! Let’s get to understand the blind spots and how to tackle them.

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