Expert: Ian Tai – the founder of, a platform that empowers retail investors to build wealth through ownership of fundamentally solid stocks. It is an essential tool that sifts out stocks that grow profits consistently from a database of over 900+ stocks listed mainly in Malaysia.

– 4 Simple Steps to Calculate the Intrinsic Value of a Stock (Live Demo)
– 3 Principles of Intrinsic Value that Warren Buffett Points Out that most missed
– 3 Criteria that a stock must fulfill first before calculating its Intrinsic Value
– 6 Limitations of using Intrinsic Value to evaluate a stock investment deal
– 10 Stocks for you to start practicing the formula of calculating intrinsic value



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    • Ong Chiew Ling 

      Hi Ian, I’m reading your webinar with interest and am hoping to connect with you. I’m a remisier in Singapore and am wondering is there anyway to collaborate.

      Chiew Ling

      9127 5889


      hi KC, how to get the Intrinsic Value Template?… not in download??

    • Goon Wey Yong 

      Hi KC, may I know how can I get the Intrinsic Value Template?

      • KCLau 

        Noted. Ian will add it in the download area soon.


      Hi KC, according to the webinar the intrinsic value is calculated based on the expected earning in next 10 years. May I know why it has to be 10 years?

      • KCLau 

        Actually, it doesn’t have to be just 10 years. But 10 years is the minimum.
        Using the spreadsheet, you are trying to discount all the future profit of the company to present value. In this case, it is 10 years. But it can be more like 20 years, 30 years, 40 years etc. But the shorter you use, the more conservative your assumption.
        However, we don’t know the exact profit of the future. So this is mere estimation as a guide.

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