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Kaviyarasu Yellappan, Serdang, Selangor

First, I thought I don't need this book to educate me on money. But I was dead wrong. The Money Tips given made me think hard.

Now I learnt that the housing loan is the cheapest compared to other loans and why I should invest in property first rather than buying my first car.

I definitely recommend everybody to download and read this ebook.

Kate Ma, Auditor from Penang

I read a lot regarding business, finance, economic, etc. This e-book is easily understandable yet so informative, I finished it within hours.

The summons part really surprised me and I like the examples that KCLau has provided for better understanding. And I have gained knowledge about unit trust funds and insurance. Great job!

The advices contained in this e-book is fundamental and shall be practiced by every working adult.

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Get the Free E-Book Now

Get Your Money Tips E-Book

We value your privacy and would never spam you

What My Readers Have to Say

  • I am glad I did not procrastinate (my specialty) reading your ebooks, as I initially did not expect so much useful information inside. As the saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover. In the end, not only was it straight forward and compact, it even contained more knowledge than expected, which is great! And it's for free for Malaysians!
    Amelia TanMaster of Science in Biotechnology
      Amelia Tan
  • Simple, easy to follow and chock full with valuable financial tips. The best way for any young adults to give themselves a head start in Financial Education!
    Eugene Kok
      Eugene Kok