In the following class, we will discover how to examine the financial statements of publicly listed companies. Regulators require all company that raise fund from the retails investors through listing on the stock exchange to publish financial reports, every single quarter.

So you will find these public information freely available:
annual reports
quarterly financial results
You can download anytime the reports published by all the listed companies, including the trillion-dollar companies like Apple and Amazon.

Before you buy any stocks, this is the crucial skill you want to acquire — how to read a company’s financial statements.

The good news is that you don’t need an accounting degree to understand the data. In fact, the reports are quite similar to the statements you prepare on your family’s finances.

Watch the webinar to discover:
– How to Explore the Anatomy of an Annual Report
– How to Balance Assets against Liabilities and Equity
– How to Use the Income Statement
– How to Dissect The Statement of Cash Flows
– How to Scour the Notes to the Financial Statements

By going through the training, you’ll become a very well-informed shareholder.




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