How to start finding good companies to invest in?

Is it by using screeners? Reading financial media? Or, through a casual chat with our investing friends?

Well, I believe the answer can be all of the stated above. In addition, I think one of the more efficient ways to begin finding good companies is to be observant. If you gain work experience in a particular industry, you can build up your core competency in investing in that specific industry.

And that is what Nicholas Oh, my friend, did for his stock portfolio.

He had 15+ years working as an electrical engineer in various MNCs. Hence, he was able to use that to his advantage when investing. In this webinar, Nicholas shared with us the following:

  • The Secular Growth Trend of Semiconductor & How Long it Will Last?
  • Overview of the Semiconductor Value Chain & the Companies Within it.
  • Introduction to System Level Test (SLT) in the Semiconductor Industry
  • Deep Dive into AEM Holdings Ltd, a SLT company listed on the SGX
  • The Art to Perform Qualitative Assessment and Valuation of the Stock.


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