Occasionally, when I wish to be entertained with stock investing educational videos, FIRL’s videos would be among my top picks as they offer well-presented insights that are easily digestible and comprehensively researched.

Today, we are still battling COVID-19. And along the way, we witnessed a series of global events such as the Great Resignation in the United States, RCEP, and developments of ESG. So, the question is, ‘How would they shape our stock investing landscape of today and beyond?’

With that, I had the privilege to bring in John Huo, Co-Founder of the FIRL Guys, to share about:

  • Megatrends that are Happening Today which Investors Could Ride On.
  • How to Value These Companies (Hint – P/E Ratio is Useless)
  • How to Use Independent Data to View Things Differently from the Crowd?
  • Important things to look out for while investing in these megatrends


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