Lately, we have witnessed a massive fall in prices of Chinese tech stocks ranging from Alibaba to Tencent due to government crackdowns on these companies. Is this an opportunity to invest into shares of these companies or are there things that we should be wary about when investing in China?

Meanwhile, US stocks have seemed to rebound after a dip in 2020. Many of the stocks are trading at their all-time highs. So, is this increase sustainable or could it be a bubble that will burst in the near future?

Back at home, COVID-19 cases are rising. Businesses suffer. Income falls. So, the question is, ‘How would all these impact our stock market?’. Also, we may want to know how we could invest safely in perilous times like this.

In this webinar, Stanley Lim, CFA and Chief Editor of Value Invest Asia (VIA) shared his insights on his art of stock valuation which is a crucial element to invest safely in times like this.


  • Debunking the Art and Myth of Stock Valuation
  • 3 Key Methods of Valuing of a Stock in Any Stock Market Today
  • Has Discounted Cash Flow Become a Useless Method of Valuation Today?
  • Case Studies of Applying the Art of Stock Valuation


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