Many people associate a person’s wealth with his appearance. It is like judging a book by its cover. I believe that it shows some truth because people only realized that you actually “have” that amount of money only after you spent it!

You bought a Porsche and drive it to work. Your colleague saw you in the new vehicle. This make you look wealthier. But is it really the case?

You renovate your house gate, only the gate! Your neighbour saw it when they are passing by. They thought that you must have been promoted or granted a big bonus. This make you appear richer.

You spent thousand dollars for hair replacement program. You grown more hair. You appear more confident and more good-looking. You also look healthier because your bold head has been empty for too long. Yes! You definitely look better and wealthier.

I just hope that you realize that the money spent is no longer yours. However, those actions really do make you “look” wealthier. Money or beauty?


Personal finance author and trainer

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    • Relax

      hmmm, I disagree a bit.
      I think there is wealth that people see and don’t see.

      The visible “wealth” is like cars, house etc. Some people have all those but stayed in very bad debt. Remember your “kena jackpot” stories where people use up one million and get poor again, plus a lot of debt?

      There are some people with invisible wealth like Warren Buffet. He is frugal and live simple but his financial state is super healthy.

      For me, I would choose the invisible health, the true financial state of my life. External wealth is not true wealth in my opinion.

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