For those readers who follow my previous articles about how to earn passive income through creating lenses at Squidoo, hope that you are practicing the method and tips I had compiled so far. I had earned an increasing passive monthly income since March from Squidoo.

Here I am going to show you what we can do for the url. You should use more keywords in the url. This is one of the commonly used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. As shown in the picture below, instead of using for the lens, it is better to use

You can refer to one of my iPhone lens, the url is

It is a very long url. But it is worth the effort to pull in long tail keywords. There are extra competitions for hot keywords like iPhone, but I can still pull in some visits from search engine for the below long tail keywords:

One more extra tip, remember to click the “+” sign to add the keywords as tag when you check your lens’ stats.

You can refer my other lenses’ url too:
First professional USB Studio Condenser MicrophoneClavia Nord Wave Synthesizer
Kurzweil PC1X 88-keys Performance Controller Keyboard
Jazz Mutant Dexter
Cakewalk Studio Instruments
DigiTech Vocalist Live
Why Squidoo Lenses are better than blog posts

Now I had created about 20 lenses. I am still practicing all the tips and hints to create better lens. If you still haven’t register with Squidoo, use my referral link by clicking here. When you make the total of $15 in the future, I ‘ll be paid $5 referral fees too. After signing up, you can also earn referral fees by promoting Squidoo services to others. Happy Squidooing!

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