Someone forward this very nice and informative presentation file to me.


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I don’t know who make it. But I would like to thank him personally. If you are the creator of this presentation file, please contact me and provide your mailing address. I’ve something for you (something nice).

4/4/2008 Update:

The above information was extracted from Personal Money Magazine March 2008 issue.

For more information, please buy a copy of the magazine. (Highly recommended).

Thanks Chee Yang for letting me know.


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    • chee yang

      i think the info was from Personal Money March copy and someone just summarized the info into a power point file. not sure whether it is ethical/correct to post such info on your web site without quoting the source.

      just my comments….

      • KCLau

        Seem like the source is from Personal Money Magazine.
        Thanks Chee Yang for pointing that out. I still haven’t read my Personal Money Magazine March copy. Indeed it is true that the info is taken from there.
        Again, I had promoted Personal Money on my blog. To post content not made by myself on this blog, it is better to ask permission from the source.

        I know that there are writers from Personal Money reading my blog regularly. Please contact me if you want me to take it down.

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