We ordered a cup of hot cappucino – RM5.40
My wife wanted a bowl of Thai Laksa – RM6.60
I would like to try the Shalala Rice – RM6.60

Order was made. The lady cashier collected RM19.30 from me. Then we wait to be served.

That was a beautiful evening around 5pm at Shalala Coffee, in Tapah Rest Area, midway to Kuala Lumpur.

Finally the food was ready. There is no other customer except my family.

Self-service please! Oh.. Nobody cares even if you are carrying a baby. The food is there on the tray, come and get it!

I insisted to have the receipt. She asked me to wait a minute.

3 minutes later. I got the receipts. Yeah, it is “receipts” with the plural ‘s’.

Take a look:

Receipts - Shalala Coffee

Notice anything strange?

My guess is that she inputted only the cup of coffee initially. When I insisted to have the receipt, she added in the others in a separate receipt.

What if I didn’t care about the receipt? Someone is going to earn extra, not through hard work. The business owner would be in greater loss.

To the owner of Shalala Coffee shop at Tapah Rest Area:

  • Your employee is acting strange
  • Your shop is empty most of the time
  • Your food sucks! We got diarrhea that night. The whole night!

Any witness? Yes.

My son.


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    5 replies to "The Ultimate Coffee Experience"

    • Iskandar

      I went to try it’s ice blended coffee at the Seremban rest stop area last week and the coffee doesn’t taste anything like a coffee. Instead it tastes more like a mixture of food preservatives and flavouring blended together with ice.

      And I regretted buying the muffin too. I think it has been on the shelves for a week or two.

      I wonder if the owner actually go in and tried the coffee himself.

    • fatos

      i will take over shalala..change the whole concept by selling donuts (JCo brand)..what do u think

      • KCLau

        @ Fatos,

        Donuts are selling very well.. especially Big Apple!

    • Relax

      Sorry to hear about such a bad experience.

      Waaa your son is really cute

      Never ever offend a blogger,
      those who do so will lose his/her job

      • KCLau

        @ Relax,

        I just hope to give the owner an alert.

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