This is a very interesting fact. Less is in fact more.

Adrian Ho, the most sought-after trainer of Malaysia financial planners shared this concept in this video below:

I want to show you an equation. We have the minus sign (-), the equal sign (=), and the plus sign (+).
– = +
Minus Equals Plus. Does that even make sense? I think my Mathematics teacher will be very disappointed. But, that’s not exactly “Minus Equals Plus,” it actually means “Less Equals More.” Now, for most people, this still doesn’t make sense. Let me explain.

Think of Madonna. My favorite Madonna song is “Like a Virgin,” but I want to quote from another popular song, “Material Girl.” Let me reignite the memory of this song. The chorus has to do with what I’m going to talk about in relation to the equation. In her song “Material Girl,” the chorus goes like this:

Because we’re living in a material world,
And I am a material girl.

Yes, my friends, we are living in a material world, and we are all material boys and girls. So, how can less be equal to more in this materialistic world of ours? Now, don’t you agree, everyone wants more cars and clothes, more gadgets and gizmos, more time and travels, more friends and fun, more likes in your Facebook, and simply more money to buy, buy, and buy? I think we have taken these words of a wise man too literally: “I came that you may have life and have it to its abundance.” I guess people misunderstood the word “abundance.”

So, what I meant by “Less Equals More” – and I want to copyright this, really – is that I feel that less is more because when you have less hate you have more love. When you have less work, you have more time. When there is less talk, there’ll be more action. When there is less clutter in your home, in your office, there would be more space. When you have less expenses, my friends, you have more money. When you have less worries, then there’ll be more happiness. The list can go on and on.

KC gave “Less of complain, more of compliment,” and “Less hair, more wisdom.” One more I’d like to add is “Less clothes, more attention.” The less a person wears the more attention he/she gets, right?

Let’s go back to something more serious. Somehow, we fill our lives with too many things, too much feelings, and just too much of everything until we are so full of ourselves. In some places, people also eat too much food, while other places don’t people can’t even get a decent meal. So, I think our society is just focusing on just “too much.” Maybe living a simpler life is the answer to a happier life.

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    • raymondjamaran

      Nice..i like so much this article. Less Equal More.


      I like this post. This is what I have been trying to do. By having less on one side of the equation, I am actually getting more on the other side.

      Yes, when I try to let go those those uneasy feelings of my works, I become more relax and happy. I able to sleep well at night with less nightmare and become healthier. What a great feeling 🙂

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