Saufi Karim, author of Property Investment with No Money Down shared some of the powerful techniques in this video:

The first technique is to get a property with a 10% discount. Since last year, people have been saying that this technique is not a secret anymore and has been used many times. Even so, after Saufi launched his ebook last year, there were a lot of people that only found out about this technique. And many more still don’t know about it. I think it’s good for people to know, especially those who are just starting out, when they purchase a property, to get as much discount as they can get.

Recently, there are even a few properties that can give up to 30% discount. Bankers will not like it. So, I will tell you another secret: When you get the 10% discount, don’t tell the bankers. Just keep your mouth shut. Get the house financed first and you can tell the banker later if you want to, but before that, during the application, don’t say anything. Keep it to yourself. The developer will know because they are the ones giving you the discount.

So, when you get a 10% discount, get a 90% home financing. Most banks now give up to 90% home financing. I think last year, or middle of last year, until early this year most banks give you about 60% of the Debt Servicing Ratio. The DSR is how banks assess your potential to get financing or a loan.

Recently, most of the overseas banks and some of the major banks have reverted back to 70% of the DSR. So, it’s a good market now to get a property.

This is the technique Saufi Karim had used for his “No Money Down” house. It’s still under construction. He got a 10% discount. And he got bank financing of about 90%. This house is at Banda Baru Bangi.

See how much you can save for a property worth RM670,000. For just one property, it’s RM67,000 – almost RM100,000. You can’t save this amount of money by just saving your money and putting it in a bank for a year. I don’t think you can get RM67,000 by just doing that. So, this is the first technique, which Saufi Karim had been using since 2009 after he purchased his father’s real estate.

It is hard for you to get a discount if you don’t ask the developer. The easiest way is to always ask. You should always ask the developer if there is a way they can help you if you don’t have the 10% deposit.
“If I don’t have the 10%, how can you help me?” “How much discount can you give me?”

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    • Richard Foo

      I’ve got a doubt here, maybe it’s irrelevant. How do you know the developer didn’t jack-up the property to 10% higher before they “pretend” to give out 10% discount. It’s practically a 100 + 10 – 10 math formula retailers have been using for a very long time during “Sales” period.

    • Michelle

      Hi KC,

      I just wanted to inquire, will you also be speaking in the seminar In Pursuit of Financial Freedom
      UnConventional vs. Conventional Education?

      I am looking forward to seeing you in person!
      All of your posts are very informative and inspirational.

      Thank you for your time.

      • KCLau

        @Michelle, thanks for your support all these times. Sorry to inform you that I won’t be there.

    • ZFS

      90% margin of finance and 10% discount from developer. I guess this trick can only apply to first & second house buyer. Harder to get 30% discount from developer i think?

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