Last Friday, I drove to Kuala Lumpur with my wife for a short weekend holiday. My wife misses her mom’s cooking. Pregnant lady is a queen. You just have to follow her direction. Guess what? This doesn’t make the husband the king. But I am more than willing to be her slave.

Half way I was sleepy and had to stop for a cup of coffee. We stopped by at Tapah rest area. There is a big sign board of TMnet, the company that monopolies the broadband service in Malaysia. It is pleasant to find out that there is free wifi service powered by TMNet throughout the rest area. I got my ice blended mocha cappuccino and read some feed through my Dopod M700. The coffee is RM6.20 at Shalala Coffee, which is only half price of the regular tall size, in fact the smallest cup size at Starbucks. The Internet connection is free. I read a couple of posts from John Chow Dot Com and I shared the post about a marriage proposal that cost US$250,000 with my wife. A guy displayed a message at Taipei 101 tower at night to ask a girl named Diana to marry him. This costs $250,000!

My wife said she would rather have the money instead of being spent on the one night glamour. Is’t it an over luxurious proposal? Which woman would prefer the cash?


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    • Chee Kui

      USD250k proposal? phew… 😉 I think my girlfriend would go for the cash too. lol.

    • kclau

      A friend of mine who is quite wealthy, said that money spent is your money. Money in the bank is the bank’s.

    • Hilary

      Well the only reason I want the money is so that I can convert it to something else – a big house, a big diamond, et cetera. No point burying it in the bank account, right?

    • noi

      I want the MONEY….
      money pls….
      rm250k for a nite of glamour…what u get…the best of memory…priceless???…nope…pricey..
      rm250k money…what u get…things in my wished list…

    • kclau

      wow .. thanks for sharing. I’ve never seen such a big diamond before. I think my wife still prefer the cash 🙂

    • Hilary

      lol, I would rather have the money! Can you imagine the size of a $250k diamond? Jenn is luckier, she got the diamond

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