I have been a fan of DIGI for years. But no matter how good or great a company is, there will be complaint.

Here is a story from a reader:

I am a frequent business traveller and will always have roaming when I am oversea.

March 4th 2010 when I returned from US via HongKong, at HK airport, I was charged a very wierd RM9.00 charges.

Digi Bill snapshot
Weird charges by DIGI

Notice the time difference of only two seconds between the calls.

I made a call to DIGI and the biling department called back and said the charges are for Miss-call alert service. When I was in HK, someone called me, and I didn’t answer. So the call was ‘automatically’ diverted to Digi in Malaysia and then Digi Malaysia ‘automatically’ sent me a sms to notify me of the miss-call. And for that, they charged me RM9.00. I told them it is not fair, I have never opt for miss-call alert, this service was provided by default when we sign up the Digi service, and we were never alerted of the high charges when travelling! Morever I have been travelling frequently and I have never been charged like this. Imagine if I have 10 miss-call when I am travelling, I will be charged RM90!

I would like to bring this to your attention as this is a very unreasonable charge and as a comsumer I feel cheated and unfair treatment.

I would like DIGI to explain why such high charges for just a miss-call alert, and have them review their ‘default’ service that came with such unfair high charges. And as a consumer I was never alerted of such charges but just thought it is a free service Digi provide!

It is the way you handle the small little details that differentiate your company’s image from your competitors. Whenever there is a problem faced by your customer, that’s the perfect time to show how much you care. What you did now will stay on the web permanently, forever.

Digi, if you are reading this, it is never too late to rectify the problem. Contact me if you want to do something for your customer.

Update 14 May 2010:

Digi had agreed to waive the sum of RM9 on a goodwill basis.

That’s very kind!


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    • YT Ho

      I’m a loyal Digi customer for the past 10 years. However, I’m frustrated when I didn’t realize Digi charged me RM529 per month for call roaming and very short internet data roaming during at oversea for 3 weeks. I couldn’t check through online for itemised bill. I called to Digi Service few times but failed to speak to any Digi consultant. I’m thinking to switch to other mobile operator.

    • unhappy digi user

      I am a previous user of Maxis and switch over to Digi. I rarely check my bills as was always very busy at work but recently I found this value added service charge into my billing. Each cost me RM3.00 which total up around rm30 to RM40 per month. I match the date and time I was charged and found it tally with a sms I received every now and then but just ignore it as I though it is just another advertisement message.

      I was so upset to found this critter message cost me RM3 per message and I can’t even recall when the charges started in the first place. In total this unauthorized billing can even total up to few hundred ringgit as I have been using Digi for some time now. The fact of the above also scared me as this proof Digi or whoever is pulling the string can simply charge us something for nothing. I have wrote an email to Digi via custscv@digi.com.my and is waiting for an explanation from them.

      So to the others who don’t check their billing, make sure you do now.

      • Ck

        I have the same.all the 3ringgit charges.worst part you can’t even stop it.i am left with no choice but to terminate my number.i did not have this problem when I was using iPhone.puzzles me though.

    • M A Lee

      Can anyone tell me what Digi’s sms rates are? When I send a short sms to another hp (such as one using Maxis), I’m charged 10 sen for the sms. But when I send a longer sms, then I’m charged 20sen or 30sen. So, what is the maximum number of characters or words for a 10-sen sms, for a 20-sen sms & a 30-sen sms?

    • desha

      I have been a loyal digi customer(postpaid) for about 10 years now. Sometime in march 2009, i signed up for digi broadband, however i had to terminate it in august 2011 as the connection was very poor then ( I was working in Temerloh and the connection was absolutely terrible). Finally in August 28th 2011, i went to digi dervice centre at taman connaught, cheras to terminate my line and setlle the bil. Everything was smooth and easy. However after 1 year and 5 months now, digi is suddenly sending sms saying that i have balance of rm 29.03. How can this possibly be, first of all the line has been terminated and bill was settled, secondly it has been 1 year and 5 months now, what took them so long to inform?
      As in Pahang, the digi customer service can only be found in kuantan,on dec 8th i had to travel all the way there to clarify…initially the lady working there told me, i have to pay no matter what, when i started making noise, she took my contact and told me she’ll discuss this issue with her superior and get back to me. It has been 1 month now, but i did not get any reply from Digi. However the sms is being sent everyday and it is really annoying.
      I would be really grateful if Digi could do something about this matter cause i feel that im being cheated here. Thanks.

      Diassapointed Digi customer

    • Winnie

      Digi is currently applying an unreasonable policy on their international data roaming in United Kingdom. According to Digi website, their network partner in United Kingdom is T-mobile and by ONLY using T-mobile, international data roaming charges will be capped at RM56 per day.

      Presently, the fact of the matter is users will not be able to stay solely with T-mobile alone upon connecting to T-mobile as T-mobile had merged with Orange, another network operator and as part of their improved service to their users, T-mobile will AUTOMATICALLY switches its users between T-mobile and Orange network in times whichever network has better 3G connection (news can be read at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-11199786).
      Even on T-mobile official website (http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/business//why-tmobile/the-network/), it is clearly stated that “T-Mobile and Orange have joined forces, and are splashing out £1.4m a day together to bring you the ultimate 3G network. Your phone will switch automatically between the T-Mobile and Orange networks”.

      Therefore, the switching between T-mobile and Orange network is an involuntary decision of the user. Digi charged me per kilobyte of data usage in United Kingdom based on the reason that I was constantly switching network between T-mobile and Orange. Digi insisted that I should have ONLY USE T-mobile if I want my international data roaming charges in United Kingdom to be capped at RM56/day.

      I’ve made numerous attempts to contact Digi on this matter and had filed complaints with their customer service via telephone, email and Facebook message. However, their response to me has been the same over the phone and in a one liner SMS “We inform that all roaming data transaction is genuine”.

      I feel helpless and am terribly disappointed that such major telco corporation is able to take advantage of customers so easily with such unreasonable international data roaming policies and subjecting their users to rules which Digi know is impossible to meet.

    • Velmurugan

      I am staying at DESA 288, Ampang Point in second floor, i am using Digi & Celcom . I can’t hear anything when i using DIGI, but Celcom is very clear. Digi signal problem. I disappointed. please solve this problem.

    • Dip

      I have been a loyal Digi customer for many years.

      My problem started in December 2010 when I change my prepaid to postpaid line. I have been paying Digi based on sms receiving on amount due (no statements was mail to me – complaints was made but yet no statements until last month).

      When I check thru my last month statement I notice that there are transaction which I did not authorize being billed to me (Added Value Services 0400). I made a complaint to digi on the matter and they inform me that, it is an SMS received from 3rd party but I told them I did not subscribed any services. They told me it is a 3rd party charges I need to get the refund from the 3rd party directly.

      Digi inform me that they have check latest 3 month statements and it appears that I was charge every month about RM90++(each transaction cost RM4). So I requested for statements from Jan 2011 till latest but to my surprise Digi could only provide latest 6 months statement. I need the statements to further check on the transactions and get a refund for all the transactions, I have made complaint for not receiving my statement. According to Digi I did not subscribed for paper statement due to that I did not receive any statement. This does not make sense at all as when I change my line to postpaid the Digi staff ask me how I wish to receive my statement and I request to sent to my mailing address.

      I have email to the 3rd party in regards to the charges but til todate I have not receive any response from them yet.

      I am very disappointed with Digi for not being able to provide me with the statements and also get a refund from the 3rd party.

      I really do not know what to do and how to get a full refund. Hope some one can help me with this problem.

    • Amutha A/P Selvary

      I have been a fan and a loyal customer of DIGI for years.

      The problem started when I start using my new handphone which samsung Galaxy Ace. The “packet data” which automatically connected to Digi. The service we use for sending MMS and Internet. I can still remember when I bought my previous handphone, where I need to contact my Digi Customer Service to activate this service which were not automatically turn on.

      But its totally different now. It will turn on automatically by itself and being charged highly without the customers knowledge. And Digi should alert us before charging us. We were never alerted of the high charges which was RM309 (not even 24hours)

      I would like to bring this to your attention as this is a very unreasonable charge and as a comsumer I feel cheated and unfair treatment.

      I would like DIGI to explain why such high charges for not accessing to the internet , and WHY the failed to alert us before charging, where they can alert us thousand times if the customers fail or forgot to pay their bill. Not forgetting, how can they let it to be charged till RM309, whereas my credit limit is just till RM250. Then what is the purpose of credit limit? Following, I got to know all this after they barred my line unknowingly. Is this how Digi shall respect a loyal customer?

      And as a consumer I was never alerted of such charges but just thought I have to activate the service before using such service.

    • N Daniel

      I’m another victim of Digi’s unscrupulous business practices.
      I got a Samsung Galaxy 2 for the internet package from Digi in late Sept and imagine my surprise when i received the first bill in Oct – it was nearly twice the amount i was supposed to pay. Wer called Digi and after great difficulty, managed to find out that the extra charges were from SMSs sent to my phone. Digi claimed that i had subscribed to 3rd parties for this service. I had never done so and when asked to show proof that i did this, only the did one Mr.Kamarul ( Manager)agree to stop the SMS and refund the money.
      I thought that this was the end of the matter but then i received the 2nd bill and it showed extra charges due to SMSs again. There was also no sign of the promised refund.
      We called Digi again. Since Mr. Kamarul was not available and since the Customer service person (Ms.Aida) said she could not help with the matter, we asked that someone with approving authority in Digi contact us to resolve the matter. It is a telling sign of Digi’s poor customer service that we are still waiting for that call (we called on 11th Dec).
      I wonder if my case is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many others cheated by Digi’s unethical business practices…

    • sandy lim

      i’m disppointed with Digi, i need to complaint about the customer service. That is very difficult to find a department to complaint…

    • marinabakri

      Dear Joyce & all,

      As of 1st May 2011, major players of telecommunication companies from Malaysia and Singapore together will reduce both countries roaming rate on calls and SMS to 20% and 30%… But i guess the rate is still high anyway. A friend of mine recently used Flexiroam to travel to Singapore and it saved her phone bills quite a lot.. it cost only RM10 perday and it is Unlimited.. can be used to make and receive call as well.. I guess it is better to use it because it is prepaid basis, there’s no longer hidden charge like local telco rate charge for international roaming..

      • KCLau

        If there is a data and communication plan that we can use worldwide at the same rate, it would be awesome!

        • marinabakri

          Yeah agree with you, because most of travllers rarely making or receiving call but online instead.. Data roaming is important too.. I suggest to use international sim depending to the country you travel.. The cost might be cheaper.. For call roaming, use Flexiroam.. it also can be activated using international sim..

    • Jacob

      I just got back from UK as well and I got into this scam… mine was even worse they charge for 2-3 seconds for RM8. Surprisingly, before the day I went abroad I called digi helpline services to check with regards the roaming charges and I asked them whether I will get charge if I don’t pick up my calls !!!! The lady on the other line told me, no SIR!!! you won’t get CHARGED!!!! So first few days of my trip I got calls from Malaysia which I did not pick up and on the very next day I checked my phone charges, WAH LA I got all those RM8 charges for few seconds which I wasn’t aware. Immediately after that I switch off my phone through out my journey for 2 weeks to avoid all these charges. So my point is, is this my fault ? The voicemail is on by default and I never requested or subscribe to this service. Moreover, I had called to digi centre to re-confirm on the charges and the digi representatives confirm me with a 100% tone that I won’t get charge if I don’t pick up my calls…… and to sum it all up I had been a digi customer since the year 2000… for 11 years of loyalty and I got this kind of treatment.. thumbs up to DIGI !!!!

      • Joyce

        I called them to rebate. They did. not all of that dunno-what charges but part of. So they waived about 70% of the overcharge. But, u have to talk to them like very very very long and persistent. I got so upset with one of their agent and i told her directly that i dont want to speak to her already. So, i called in again, repeated myself. and got the waiver.

    • Joyce

      Darn, i just came back from Singapore last week and I was charged >MYR100 for calls that i didnt pick up! I am calling them tomorrow

      • KCLau

        Digi should have disable this thing by default.

      • Lee

        I trust DiGi but feel disappointed now. DiGi over charged me around RM150 for January 2011 bill. January, i was in Singapore and i very very less call anyone. i have just make some miss call only. But DiGi charge me(main line) around RM70+ but sub line RM70+ also. The problem is I used auto billing thru credit card means the amount paid already and i didn’t activated itemized billing so i don’t have any bill to check how they charged me. Some more i goto online customer service also cant check for February bill(charges for January) but January(Charges for Dec’2010) and March(Charges for February) can be checked also. Only February cannot. I just curious why only Feb cannot? Is it they notice that they charge wrongly and i have paid already so don’t wanna show me the bill? I have call to DiGi Help Line for twice also said system problem need 2 to 3 days time. I planned to go Consumer Association of Penang to complaint about it if they still cant give any reasonable answer.

    • Faye Ponce de Leon

      I am very very disappppointed with DIGI….my husband and I has signed up for a broadband service , at that time they have a big promotion in KK centrepoint…so we inquire every consumer would inquire if it’s a contract,everything, and the promoter replied that it’s not a contract, only for the modem of RM15 a month if we decided not to continue with the service,and also the promotion price of RM88 a month for the service fee, i can still recall i’ve asked the promoter not just twice regarding the contract and the answer came back the same…NO,IT’S NOT A CONTRACT….so we signed up, after 6 months we we’re unable to pay the bill, well everybody knows how bad it is this year, so we didn’t bother calling up digi service centre because we of what was said to us by the promoter when we signed up…and we only received bill twice, that is when we called the service centre and learned about the problem that we rae facing right now, the operator told me that the billing dept will contact me if there is something they can do about it, and to be honest that guy really didn’t even give me a chance to speak i have to lose my etiquette just so that i can speak, and they will do everything just to make you feel like it was your fault, i did not accept that it was our fault yet they just say that thre’s nothing they can do about it….NO WAIVER!!!! next time DIGI, please please train your promoters well!!!! tell them to be HONEST!!!!! they are all just preying on consumers hoping to get more comissions for having loads fo signed up costumers!!!! it should be DIGI always the cheaters!!!! not digi always the smarter choice???? really??? i have been a digi user for more than 6 years, i have been very loyal bcs i think i get a great deal out of it, but when it comes to promoters…you’re nothing….ZERO!!!!!

    • […] Boey read my previous complaint about Digi weird charges, and wrote to me: I went to Singapore on Sunday, 31st of Oct 2010 for an interview on the next […]

    • digi is cheater

      digi is very suck…all the while tipu ppl. i use frend and families not more than 3hours
      they charged me RM28 and the itemised billing was unable to check tru online…suck website…

    • KCLau

      Update 14 May 2010:

      Digi had agreed to waive the sum of RM9 on a goodwill basis.

      That’s very kind!

    • Lim

      The charges are for the voice roaming charges for your home network to try to connect to you at the foreign network. The charges are actually charged by foreign network to your home network for the use of their network where you connected to it the moment you turn on your mobile phone overseas. Every network signalling cost money. Regardless you pick up or not, the charges still apply. One way to avoid those charges is to disable your voicemail before going overseas. You need to be more aware of roaming charges & usage as foreign network have to right to charge you too for using their network.

      • Lim

        Yes, voicemail service means that if you don’t pick up the call or missed the call, the call gets routed to your voicemail. If you are roaming (turn on your phone overseas), the call travels from Malaysia to Overseas, than from Overseas back to Malaysia voicemail. That voicemail feature comes as default for all operators in Malaysia. If you don’t need it you can disable it yourself, check with your operator website how to do it. Roaming charges are always expensive charged in foreign currency rate, so be careful of your usage whenever roaming.

    • Victor

      I had the same problem. They charged me weird items on my roaming and even charge me for my family plan numbers!!! it suppose to be free calling my sup nu,ber under the family plan. But nevertheless, the guy at the digi centre agreed to just took away the items on the bill.

      Well, good service from DiGi!!!!!!!!

    • bzz

      Hi, i activate my roaming with celcom. Customer service told me. Do i want to deactivate or cancel my voice mail or anything that automatically accept by me when im abroad. Yes please. He said, everytime someone call me and went into my voicemail, then i need to pay. So, the best way is to deactivate it. So, im going to singapore without voicemail. Just sms and call. And it’s true that they never charge me anything more than what i use. Glad that celcom told me about this. If not, sure everyday 7-8 voicemail will coming in.


    • btlooi

      All telco are cheaping ….
      DIGI have overcharges me RM 1500, after so many email sent..I still have no clue when can i get back my money. Beside that, MCMC seem also didnt play the rule.

    • SM

      Digi changed the policy for miss call alert. Since Dec 2009 when i call my wife or any other digi numbers, just 7 rings (15sec) then the call is answered by Digi answering machine before we can answer the call. Digi informed me this is because of the new policy for miss call alert. Maybe they want to make more money, but not realising they might lose their loyal customer like me (since 1996).

    • CNV

      I had similar problem with Celcom when I was in US many years ago. I was charged about rm7 each time I don’t pick up the call. Later when I checked with Celcom, I was told that its because I still had voice mail activated. So each time I don’t pick up the call it goes to Voice Mail system back in M’sia. Hence, I paid A LOT for those missed calls since it was a long trip :-(. Ever since then, I disable my voice mail service each time I leave the country.. & yes these ppl do not inform you about it when you request for roaming, so, its like we have to learn :(..

    • conquer_xp@yahoo.com

      Not only DIGI. These days, many businesses are using this dirty trick. For example, when you open a new HSBC saving account, the bank automatically signs you up to the optional SMS alert service without informing you. The service charges RM1 per month. Of course, it is not whole lot but many times you don’t need this service for a saving account. On the other hand, the bank benefited extra incomes from this optional service charges until you explicitly request to opt out from the service.

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