I went to Bukit Merah Water-Park at Christmas Eve 24th Dec. 2006. It was a great trip for me even though I am not so “young” to play the water game. The main reason for the pleasure is that all my family went there together: my parents, my brother’s family, my sister’s family from Sarawak. There is a total of 2 senior citizen, 5 adults, 7 children.

My parents are really stingy. They packed some hawker chicken rice, and some nasi lemak with extra rice. Of course they added the extra rice by themselves! When we got there about 11am, we headed to a shaded row of shop houses (there is no other places cold enough!) for our lunch picnic. Guess what? The meal they prepared for 14 persons only cost less than RM10. I really had to salute them!

This is a money blog and I am supposed to talk more about the money matters 🙂 Here it goes….We only went in after the picnic lunch. It was holiday season and the place is so crowded. My brother-in-law queued with me for 30 minutes before we reached the counter. The ticket fees:

Senior Citizen – RM7
Adults – RM21
Children (Height > 100cm) – RM14
Children (Height

I went there before and still remember that if we pay using Touch n Go Card, there will be a 10% discount!
Yes! Please reload your Touch n Go Card before you buy the ticket. Anyway, you can also reload your card at the counter. No big deal!
But what I never realize is that 1 Touch n Go Card can only pay for 6 person and no more! Why do they impose such ridiculous limit?! I don’t know why? I asked the counter personnel and she also has no idea.

So the trick to get discount is to bring your Touch n Go card along when you visit Bukit Merah Water-Park at Perak, Malaysia!


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    • nurul mardhiah harun

      for senior citizen is 50 and above or 60 and above??i need your answer quickly.tq for your information.

      • KCLau

        not so sure about the age limit.

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