Did your spouse ever ask you this question: How much do you love me?
I think there is no simple way we can give a great answer. Is your love deeper than sea? Higher than any bird ever reach up into the sky? (with advance technology, we got space shuttles travel many light years beyond the sky limit).

If I am going to put the love level into a measurable number, I think there is no other way than using your insurance sum assured! And make sure that it is nominated to your love one! The number not only shows the monetary amount of your love, it also shows how much the love we are willing to afford.

The richest Chinese in the world, 李嘉诚 Li Ka Shing was once asked about how much wealth he will distribute to his heirs. He said it all depends on how much insurance he bought and nominated to them.

Certainly, love comes in many forms. Buying life insurance on our own life and nominate it to our spouse will ensure our love stay on forever. Some husbands say his widow will remarried. The fact is they leave no choice to the widow. Why remarry if your widow receives a lot from your insurance proceed? If she is going to remarry anyway after she got rich, I don’t think she will wait until the day you die to make the decision.


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