As a blogger, it is a privilege to be paid to blog, just like a normal job. I registered for both Payperpost and Bloggerwave. After you read this review, I suggest that you registered right away if you are a blogger since it costs you nothing. The competition is heating up!


Website layout is user friendly for both sites. Loading time for Bloggerwave is much faster compared to Payperpost. I think it is due to the heavy usage of Payperpost because it has more registered advertisers and bloggers. Payperpost has a longer history than Bloggerwave. Even though it is just a few months older, but this short period of time really makes much difference on internet marketing. Personally, I prefer the layout design of Bloggerwave.

Payperpost only allow blogger to register one blog initially. After 10 successfully approved posts, blogger can register another blog. But Bloggerwave allow bloggers to register up to 5 blogs in one shot! Partly due to it’s new startup. Getting more members definitely pays off. homepage homepage


There are usually around 50 open opportunities for bloggers to grab at Payperpost most of the time. But currently Bloggerwave only have 3 opportunities. Blogger can take up this opportunity and blog according to the rules. When the post is approved, blogger will be paid by the advertiser. For new bloggers, there are not many opportunity to blog about. Some advertiser set rules and minimum requirements that disqualified beginner bloggers.

Rules and regulations

The situation at Payperpost is more controlled. Blogger are required to state that the post is sponsored as part of the rules. And bloggers can’t write consecutively and exclusively sponsored post. It can be said that the rules against bloggers are more stringent. While at Bloggerwave, there is no such requirements and there are more freedom for bloggers when comes to writing paid posts.


Payperpost requires blogger to submit the exact post url to take and hold the opportunity. This means you had to complete the post before you can take the opportunity. There is once after I had written the post, when I tried to submit the url, Payperpost informed me that all the relevant opportunities are already taken. It takes time to write a quality post. This is somewhat unfair to the blogger. Looking at Bloggerwave, blogger just need to paste the submission code within the html code of the post, and it will automatically being reviewed. This means blogger skip the submission process. This is a smarter system and Payperpost should improve on this area.


Payperpost provide affiliate programs such as “review my post”, “referral program” and “sign up form”. But there is none offered by Bloggerwave at this moment.


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    • kclau

      Susan, thank you very much for your sweet link 🙂

    • Susan

      Great post! It will appear in the May 15th (ok 19th) edition of the Blog It and Earn It Carnival hosted on my blog. The post will be live in just a bit but here is the link Blog It and Earn It May 15. Hope you get a chance to stop by and thanks for the submission!

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    • kclau

      Glad that this post ease your mind. Just follow the bloggerwave code pasting, your post will be submitted.

    • Christy

      Great review of Bloggerwave and Pay Per Post, I’ve been trying to figure out where to submit completed job posts to Bloggerwave, I didn’t realize posts were automatically tracked, how cool! Have a great day!

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