There are some long list at Problogger’s group writing project. I managed to select those related to financial planning and live planning. Grab your coffee and snacks. Sit comfortably and this will be your most up to date financial tips ever. Here it goes:


Top 5 Reasons Personal Fiance Blogs Are Better Than The Media by Canadian Dream

Most newspapers and magazines are unfortunately written to a grade 6 to grade 8 reading level, meaning that your supposed to avoid big words and break down somewhat complicated ideas into tiny little pieces so your children can understand them. Blogs are not chained to this level and can tackle more complicated issues and provide a deeper analysis of the issues.


Top 5 Reasons I Started and Continue A Personal Finance Blog by Sun

One limit of being very personal with a blog is that sometimes it seems there aren’t a lot exciting things to write about. In order to come up with fresh ideas when the personal part runs low, I force myself to read more books and articles on finance to gain insights on what other people are thinking on the same topic and how they are doing.


Top Five Reasons To Start a Personal Finance Blog by Plus6

Practice what you preach. If you are going to post about personal finance, saving, and investing how can you not take your own advice. Blogging keeps personal finance concepts fresh in your head, making it much easier to follow through and meet your long term goals.

Just Graduated?

Top 5 Tips for the College Grad by Kim Roach

There are people in China and India who will work 3x as long as you and 10x as hard as you to try and compete for the same job.


Top 5 Financial Tips for Recent Graduates by Elizabeth

Spend less than you earn. This goes hand-in-hand with getting out debt. Getting out of debt can be a huge challenge that can take some people years and years. Be patient and persistent and you will overcome it.

How to live our live

Five Games You Need To Play To Live Well by Yehuda Berlinger

Life is full of risks. Being able to evaluate risk, take a chance on the unknown, and limit your losses, are crucial elements of life.

My Top Five Motivational Quotes by Dave Das

Success is a mind game.


Top 5 ways to love your wife by Jayson Joseph Chacko

Listen to your wife and it is something guaranteed to improve your family life! Here is a tip – don’t pretend to be listening, trust me, it won’t work.


Top Five to Do While You Live by Mark

Few things in life are harder than letting go of inhibitions and fears and the emotional wall you’ve built to protect your tenderness. I can’t imagine how one person could fall in love without letting down their guard fully and completely. And I can’t imagine what a drab exercise in boredom my life would be like without love.


Start your days with 5 new positive habits by Tantowi

Buy something only when you need it. Have you ever buy something but you never use it? Nearly everyone buys products they never actually use.


Top 5 Youtube Movies that will Change Your Life! by Phil

Let me enlighten you. Its basically about the ‘law of attraction’ or ‘what you think, manifests’. Although there are scientists in this documentary backing it up, the most brilliant justification was from a motivational speaker named Bob Proctor, who said, “I don’t know how electricity works, though I use it Everyday!?!”.


The Top 5 Reasons to succeed and why it sucks to be a Loser by Christoph Puetz

Success is motivating and enables you to reach for even loftier goals. Success gives you the confidence to go for more and to try things you might have never considered possible for you


Top Five Ways To Creatively Acheive Your Goal by Lexi Sundell

Become receptive to new solutions. Release preconceived mental blocks and self limiting beliefs. It is astonishing how we cage ourselves with beliefs we have been absorbing since childhood.


Top 5 Tips for Achieving Success by ww-success

Do What You Love. It is hard to argue with this one. Have you ever found anyone that is successful doing something they hate? I guess you can take the definition of success to any extreme, but I have a hard time accepting that anyone living in misery doing something they hate can be called successful.



Top 5 Reasons To Save For Retirement Now! by Retire Happy

Time will smooth out the ups and downs of the stock market and it will, when combined with the power of compounding, means greater and greater returns down the road. At 10% a year, $100 today will become $110 next year, $121 the year after, and $672 in 20 years. The longer you have, the more it will grow.


Top 5 Ways To Achieve Early Retirement by Canadian Money

Don’t let your job be your entire world…view it as just a means to an end- just a way to generate cash flow. Do an excellent job while your there, but be able to walk away from it.


5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Biotech Company by Brian Orelli, PhD

Do I understand the science? If you don’t understand the science behind the drugs, you can’t possibly figure out whether the drugs are any good.


Top 5 Things to Do to Make Money Investing Stocks by StockTube

You Should Study the Companies’ Fundamentals – I wish I can tell you the number of times a company’s fundamental had saved me from un-anticipated stocks’ direction after I opened my trading position. As I normally put top priority on fundamentals to gauge whether to long or short a position, I study their sales growth, income growth, past earnings, net-profit margin, price-earning ratio, debt-equity ratio, institutional ownership and other data. It’s a proven Warren’s theory that the price of a stock will ultimately reflects its’ real value.


Top 5 Good Reasons to Sell a Stock by Q

You have a superior investment that you can make with the money. For me, I would only sell in this instance if I didn’t have available cash laying around to make that superior investment.


Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest In Commodities by Wolf Stone

Commodities are a way to diversify your portfolio and can also act as a hedge as they tend to bear a low to negative correlation to stocks and bonds. So, if stocks and bonds have to go down, commodities have a very strong chance of attracting the money that comes out of those asset classes which in turn benefits the prices of commodities. Consider investing in commodities as a means to reduce volatility and boost returns.


Top 5 Reasons I Need an Angel Investor or V.C. by Eric D

I realize nothing is a sure bet. I would be a fool to say that. But I do believe I have a very good chance of success. We only get one chance at success as the song says, this is my chance.


Top 5 Hacks for Intelligent Investors by George

Steal Investment Ideas
Are you having trouble finding your next great stock investment? Wondering what the pros are doing? You can discover their latest investments and it does not involve anything illegal.


Wealth Creation

Top 5 Wealth Secrets by Chee Kui

Having a big dream without an action plan is just, well, a big and empty dream. You need to have a plan that you can follow through till you achieve your goal. Obviously, having a perfect action plan without taking action is not going to bring you anywhere.


Top 5 Ways to Earn Cash Fast! by At Home Mom

Sometimes it pays to invest a bit of money to learn how to do things right the first time.


Top 5 Ways to Make Money In Your Underwear by Vince Cordic

Almost every actor has had a day where they prance around in their underwear on screen. Some do it better than others, and some look better than others while doing it, but thats besides the point. If you want a job you can do in your underwear from time to time, why not try acting!


5 Ways To Make Money On The Internet by Ryan Shamus

Blogging. I had to list this as my first choice, due to the fact that it is the method I am using to make extra money each month. Blogging has exploded over the last couple of years, and the momentum and influence of weblogs is rapidly growing each day.


Top 5 Money Makers by Leroy Brown

Google Adsense – Still far and away, one of the best ways to make money online. Many scoff at Adsense, and declare it the mark of an amateur-ish website, but there is a reason that so many use the program – it works. It is (relatively) consistent and can earn you a good amount of cash if used properly.

How to increase your saving

Top 5 Money Leaks in April by Lyman Reed

Cigarettes – $220.54. I didn’t even have to look to know that this was number 1. Smoking is something that I’ve been struggling with for a long time… this number can be used as another weapon in my arsenal of quitting. From a purely financial standpoint, the best decision would be to just stop. But am I prepared to fail at quitting again?


The Top Five Steps to Grow Your Net Worth by FMF

Spend less than you earn. Without this tip, nothing else matters. Why? Because you’ll always be going backwards financially if you spend more than you earn. You’ll go deeper in debt, won’t have any money to save or invest, and certainly won’t be growing your net worth. But if you spend less than you earn, you’ll be laying down a firm foundation for all your other financial efforts. That’s why spending less than you earn is my best piece of financial advice.


Top 5 Ways To Save Money Without Noticing by jim

Get a water bottle, fill it up and drink from it during the day. Get used to drinking water and you won’t drink more expensive stuff like soda and coffee. Get used to drinking water and you’ll likely eat less, cutting out those expensive snacks. Get used to drinking water and improve your health, which means less in health care costs down the road that will be difficult to quantify. As a corollary, when you go out to eat, ask for water instead of your beverage of choice. This is a directly quantifiable savings because do you really want a $2 soda?


The Top 5 Ways to Become a Millionaire

Unfortunately most people are looking for a way to get rich quick or to capitalize on the next big thing. It is true that some people have made their wealth through playing the real estate market while others have done so by investing in a few stocks that exploded but this is the exception and not the norm. If the above list seems overly simplistic, good. There are no secrets to becoming a millionaire and almost anyone has the chance to make it happen.


Top 5 ways to improve your gas mileage Today by Mike

Gasoline prices are up to around $3 a gallon again in the US, and the wacky boycott emails are making the rounds again. If you really want to make an impact on the pricing and demand, the only realistic ways are to reduce consumption by not driving or increase your fuel efficiency.


Top 5 Business Startup Myths by John Crickett

Myth No. 2: It takes years to start a business from scratch.


How To Start Your Own Business Today! No Excuses by John Anthony

Business Plan. You can download this free business plan template here.

Tax Planning

Top 5 Essential Tips To Know Before Hiring A Tax Pro by Investments & Loans

Although you will be hard pressed to find an agent with time to sit down with you during tax season, you should be able to at least get someone to give you 20 minutes on the phone.

Debt Management

5 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score by derek

Pay at least the minimum due on time every month. The main reason that my wife and I maintained good credit scores while battling our way out of debt was because we always made at least the minimum payment on time every month.


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