Some people are born rich. But most are not. What is the biggest difference other than the money they inherit?

Do you ever wonder why most people failed in starting a business? Some people are brave. They quit their job and start a business. But the business failed a few months later. They lost thousands of dollars and went back to work.

Some people think that the reason they failed is because they don’t have enough capital. Some think that they don’t know enough about the business. Some think that they just don’t have the entrepreneurs mind to succeed.

But the biggest reason they fail is because they don’t have the LIST.

Those who are born rich have an existing list of network inherited.
Successful internet marketers have hundred thousands of email subscribers in their list.
A successful company has a list of loyal customers.
A hot magazine has a list of loyal readers.
The superstar artist has a big list of fans.
The top salesperson has a list of high net worth clients.

Do you have the list? If you don’t have it now, work on your list. Grow it. Groom it.

The money is in the list!


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    9 replies to "The Money is in the list"

    • Financial Samurai

      My list consists of where I want to be: $3 million by X, Managing Director by X, retired by X.

      Without goals, a stray arrow always hits its target!

    • jason

      yes, kclau your article is very informative. in fact im now building on my lists.. its a bit hard. but i have to do it everyday..even though i person at one day , im growing slowly but surely. profit will come slowly and surely

    • Jessie

      Hi KC,

      Beside the list…
      Could you advise me how to start up a small business like running a food stall in pasar malam / hawker centre / kopitiam…or maybe selling cloth in pasar malam?



      Get Fast Money in the List…

      Make a list to make money…

    • Relax

      The list sounds a little bit abstract.
      I wish there’s a concrete manual to show us the way how to make the list. 🙂

      • KCLau

        We know the list is the money. The hard part is how to build your list.
        If you are showing concern on a person once in a while, you are adding someone to your list, one at a time, once in a while.

    • Prince of Andalus

      yeah, that’s rite…. simple but informative…
      tq very much

      • KCLau

        Hi itechprince,

        You are fast!

        • Prince of Andalus

          i subscribe to ur twitter, the power of twitter….

          btw, i’m going to buy email autoresponder soon to be next successful internet marketer….

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