This article is contributed by Jadelyn, who is a regular contributor of this blog. You can read about her previous job as a Transaction Services Professional here.

I recently shared with KC on my new job. For brief introduction sake, I was previously a Transaction Services professional mainly involved in due diligence exercise during mergers or acquisitions.

Mankind are a unique creation, I realised sometimes we don’t appreciate what we possess. Why do I say so? As I was sharing with KC on my new job it was amazing how he made mentioned what a great job I had. Basically I am paid to give away money! How ironic that KC could describe my job as such.

My new company – Malaysia Debt Venture (MDV) is a venture debt financing company. Venture debt financing are generally investments made by a venture in the form of debt as oppose to equity.

MDV was established as part of the government initiative to finance and develop the information, communication and technology (ICT) and high growth sectors in Malaysia, mainly ICT and biotechnology. Providing innovative financing solutions; nurturing and supporting companies through timely business advice and ongoing cooperation and collaboration; and supporting the Malaysian Government initiatives in achieving its National ICT & Biotechnology Agenda.

Knowing that companies in the ICT and biotech industry are fairly new and without much track record our loan assessment criteria looks not only at financial and collateral risk but management, technical and legal risk of the company and or project. Unlike the many commercial banks no hard collateral are required, key collaterals are assignment of contract proceeds.

We finance equipment and infrastructure, working capital financing and contract/ project finance. Our focus area includes natural product company, medical devices and diagnostic, contract manufacturing organisation, contract research organisations industrial biotech companies, bioinformatics and renewable energy.

If you know of any individual in this line of biz and require financing, do drop me a note will definitely try to help financing if able. I can be reached at


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    • k. Bagia Sri Devi

      I am a lawyer. I am running my own legal business. I am running my own business for almost 5 years. I need working capital to expand business.

      Would you be interested?

    • chilwien

      i need money to buld communication tower in Langkawi, project cost USD200m

      could u be interested ?

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