This post is contributed by a reader whom I admire very much because she achieved financial freedom at age 38! Here, she shares how she did it.

I like to thank KCLau for the opportunity to write here so that I can share my experiences and journey to financial freedom at the age of 38. I find KC is a man that has his reader’s interest at heart wanting them to gain the knowledge and wisdom to financial independent. And to allow me do so, I am a person with no writing skill and neither do I know how to handle techno , KC has provided me guidance and support to get me started. I am thankful for this chance to allow me to share so that I can grow at the same time.

I thought over  for the last 1 week or so for this first article that I am writing with regard to what I did to be where I am now and I felt my belief and attitude has helped and guided me most in my journey.


1) Dream:  I have many dreams since I was little, dream to be my own boss, dream to have my property and finally dream to be able to retire with passive income in properties. I was running my own business at the age of 28, and retired 10 yrs later at age 38. I have my first property at the age of 24. Now at age 42, I have passive income from 3 properties. Man with no dreams shall perish, so start with today, think big and have a big dream being the first step to financial freedom. Those who think dreaming is a silly thing to do will miss out a lot . Dare to dream , dream big !


2)Learning : A mentor always said this to me ” When we stop our learning, we are die-ing”. There are so much for us to learn, financial literacy, EQ, etc etc. Make a a new learning day everyday, anytime, anywhere. If we are observant and rise our awareness, we can learn from anybody as long as we see strength in them. Look at their positive side of the person and we will be able to learn this strength from almost everyone and not just those who are smarter or have a better education than us. On top of that, I also read quite a fair bit, not on TV or fashion magazines but on self help materials . There are so much wisdom in there .

Value Time

3) Value Time : God is fair to give each and every one of us 24 hours a day, 168 hours per week, how to effectively use this time will determine how fast we can achieve in life. As we chose where to invest our money, we should even be careful where we invest our time. However this does not mean that we cannot watch TV and lay back and rest. Rest time is equally important too as we need to have a balanced well being so that we can achieve more in life


4)Integrity : I once told a friend, my biggest asset is my integrity. Money when we lose it, we can make it back but once our integrity is lost, it takes many years and much effort to gain it back. Our integrity build the impression of others to us, when we lost it, we lost everything. A person with integrity attracts a lot opportunities. I am very thankful to all my friends that have trusted me and given me a chance to work along with them all these years

Embrace Change and Challenges

5) Embrace change and challenges : I believe ALL successful people went through some form of challenges and changes in their journey to success, we cannot avoid this just like when we learn to walk when we are still a baby, we will fall first before we master the art of walking gracefully. It is only through the challenges that we grow to become stronger and stronger each day, so instead of avoid it, love it and embrace it .

Blessing and Appreciating

6) Blessing and appreciation : Stop complaining and start to count our blessings. No one like to mix with negative people or complain king/queen. Being negative and keep complaining stop the flow of good energy

Develop passion

7) Develop passion : No matter what job or work we accepted, develop the passion in it. When I first started my business, I started a laundry shop. Before that, I was a marketing manger in a MNC. It is such a great contrast to the work I handled before and after. As a manger, I wore jacket suits to office, attend meetings in air-con rooms and etc. But when I run my laundry shop, I am a general worker, rolled up my sleeves, wear t-shirts, shorts and do “dirty” work, sometimes it can be very hot too when I was at the factory sorting out clothes for ironing. But I am passionate with both my work and customers. I want to delivery my best to them and our customers can feel it too. One year later, I opened my 2nd outlet…

The above are some important attitudes and beliefs that helped me in my journey to achieve what I have today. I hope you will be able to benefit from my sharing.

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    • Author

      Hi Ben,

      Great, is never too late to start

    • Ben Yusof

      I am insipired by your success to achieve financial freedom at age of 38. I am now at age of 42 but still struggling financially. I am a wage earner but i need to have passive income to realize my dream of financial freedom and I also need to reduce my spending.

      I have read many success stories of those who achieve financial freedom but do not know where to start. It is easier said than done but I really need to work on this.Probably i can seek further advice from you.

      All the best & Many thanks

    • Maha

      I’m really inspired by your success stories. Wishing you good luck.
      I’m in my early 30’s and would like to enquire something about investment. Previously I had invested in unit trusts when I was 25. But due to some financial problems I withdraw most of the cash. That was when I’m 30. Before that I saw a good ROI. Now it’s very hard for me to start back because I’m not working, housewife and part-time student. I just can’t manage the income that my husband earned. Very hard to start the first step. Too many commitments. 2 Mortgage loans, HP loan, Personal loan + education fees…….. I appreciate if you can give me some ideas or advise.

      Many thanks.

    • PG

      Nice info sharing.TQ so much
      Best of luck.


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    • Woon Lip Fuey

      its so great to read your sharing and experience.
      I realize how important to achieve to the financial freedom by learning to invest.
      But I think I should get a job after graduation at first before I go through the business section, I should learn the way of communication with the social, get myself the definition of company(I mean how to run a company.), the skill of managing etc.
      So, for this moment, as a student period, I will try to learn as much as could before I step into the social, after that I will try to invest my income into something like real estate or business.
      Thank you for your sharing again and all the best to you. Hopefully there will be one day I can post my successful sharing at here like you..^^


    • eye sack

      I love your article and admire the life that you have made for yourself while inspiring others. I have just started to think seriously about achieving financial freedom since these past few days, and i searched for articles – that’s how i found this one. After 10-working years, I feel that i have lost interest to just be a wage-earner. Now i’m planning to head my own direction in another year, so that i could spend more quality time with my family and travel whenever i can…all from passive income. I’ll be following a lot of and you of course after this. Thanks.

      • Author

        Hi eye sack,

        Thank you very much for your support and encouragement too. I am happy to hear that you are planning for your future too. It will be great to see more people succeed in life and in turn help the others . Attitude, beliefs and value system are important framework to success and I hope to see you at the top soon.


    • M.C Chow

      Do you mind sharing what are the failures/difficulties/problems you encountered in your laundry/ properties business?

      • Author


        The challenges is my mindset . Stay positive and driven is important.


    • Joanna

      Thanks for your sharing. It’s very encouraging to read your testimonial. I’m currently 25 and i have bought a condo unit last year. Recently i’ve set a goal to clear of my housing loan of RM250k within 5 years. As i’m only an income earner, i’m going to need extra income to meet my goal. I’m planning to start a blog and revised my spending in order to draw nearer to my goal. Do advise how can i go a mile further to achieve my goal.

      • KCLau

        starting a blog is a good idea to get your feet wet in the internet marketing field.

    • Cozy Groups

      Thanks for sharing. Few years back, i dream to have my own business i.e Bed & Breakfast. Complete with Business plan on my hand..was ready to submit it to the bank but in the middle of the road something happen my self doubt “procrastinating”. Now I regret that someone else has come out with this idea (B&B). Within 2 years, He has open two B&Bs in the city. I regretted until today.

      Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” We’ve all confronted this old adage in our everyday lives, sometimes under painful circumstances. For many of us, the biggest obstacle to obtaining our goals is not a lack of resources, courage, or hard work, but rather a proclivity toward procrastination. We put things off, and this constant procrastination proves to be the death of our goals. We become, as another famous old adage puts it, our own worse enemy.

      • Author


        Whatever is past, is history. Take the experience you have learned and put to good use.
        I thank you for sharing, is a reminder to all of us too.

        All the best !

    • Meena

      thx for sharing. hi i am very interested to know how to select a good property for investment via rental and once property value go up can sell. i have the money but i don’t know how to do the selection process.

      • KCLau

        Hi Meena,

        I suggest that you learn about the necessary knowledge of investing in real estate.
        You can find info from blog such as Real Estate Investment blog, and Invest KK.
        Read some books by local real estate investors and attend some courses or seminars.

    • furydose

      ALthough I havent reached financial freedom but I have made similar observtion between the people who succeed and those who dont…

      I have compiled them in this article pls read and comment:
      4 ELements of the Right Attitude

    • Elaine

      It is always good to have articles like these, albeit short, it sets as a strong reminder again for me. I am 19 and 2009 has been a tremendous self-realization year for me, puts me in state of depression to look at my peers’ achievements. They have done so much, but i am still lingering in my comfort zone, being ignorant on financial burden. I don’t think i should waste my time any longer, i want to set my priorities right. I want every learning opportunity. I want to grow, to put my dreams into work, and i want to be the best. Baby steps.

      I want the taste of success, and i want the taste of financial freedom.

      • Author

        Hi Elaine,

        Wow, you are so young yet already have a direction in life. Great for you ! I hope to know friends like you, and when I travel to Malaysia, we can meet up. Would you want to advise me your email

        Thanks & Rgds

        • Elaine

          My email is Hope to see from you soon.


          • Vincent Ong

            I just read this comment 0n 2011.. hahha..i m also 19 in 2009~ i also aware bout the importance of financial freedom.. but i stil have no idea what to do now~ Hope to hv a mentor can guide me~hehe…

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    • mind fin

      Dreaming is good, but dreaming without taking action, is useless. Waiyin, you have acted upon to achieve your dreams of becoming financial independence at age 38. That’s the Way to go.

    • sundri

      Thanks alot WaiYin for sharing and good luck on your hurd work to achive your dream in age 38….. hope to hear more sharing/stories from you and earn from u.

      • waiyin

        Hi Sundri,

        Thanks for your encouragement, let’s learn from one another.


    • joe

      We need to control our spending habits. Be frugal in every step of the way, thus we can save more. Cut down on your bills and top up your savings. Stop the credit cards, teach your family members to save too.
      Then decide which quadrant you aim to be in. Most of us will move from being employed to business owner. Think about the product ( or services) and a good business system, talk with friends and those who had succeeded. Get ideas. It will work. Forums like this are great sites to share ideas.

    • Zen

      Think of wake up, go to work, pay bill and wake up, go to work and pay bill. Not too comfortable as well

      • waiyin

        Hi Zen,

        You are right, in fact is much less comfortable because for the rest of our life, we will be controlled by others who have a common name called BOSS.

    • Phoebe Tan

      Think the most difficult decision is to step out from our comfort zone.

      • waiyin

        Hi Phoebe,

        I fully agree to your statement. The first step is to step out.

    • Zen

      Speaking from quadrant of business owner, do you think we really don’t need the best product to start a business? as robert kiyosaki put it, we only need a good business system to make things work. I want to start my own business but i’m still struggling at the product part, like i don’t know what business to do, etc. Can you enlighten me a bit? Thanks.


      • chee wai yin

        Hi Zen,
        There are 4Ps in marketing , namely product, price, promotion and place. Product is important but i felt we do not need “the Best product” to start a business running. I was watching a financial document show (singapore) last week and they interview the boss of “Mr Bean” a 50 branches island wide soya bean drink and biscuit seller in singapore. What he did was re-package a product that is in the market for many many years. Same for bread talk , starbuck…These products are familiar products , are they “the best”, that depends on what the customer perceived.
        Many people thought they are stuck because they wanted to be “safe” so they continue to find the “best opportunity” . Quiet down and ask yourself how ready you are, esp your time and financial commitment . What is the reason that you wanted to start a business ? Are you ready if there is no $ reward for 2 to 3 yrs ? Business sure to carry some form of risk. Start small if you are very new and inexperienced. There is no failure, only winner or learner .
        I wish you success and I can be contactable at if you need clarifications.

        Best Rgds

    • mike

      This article really didn’t answer the question posed by the title of the article.

    • Hooi Imm

      Thanks a lot for your sharing. Indeed, your story… really inspired me to achieve my dream also. Congratulations and hope to hear more sharing/stories from you.
      All The Best to you.
      Hooi Imm

      • Author

        Hi Hooi Imm,

        Thanks for your encouragement , You can have your dream come true too !


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    • Financial freedom is great. I am financially free in my mid 40’s with my cash savings generating about US$120,000/yr in income. That’s all I need to survive.

      Passive income is what it’s all about. That’s why I will buy another rental property (have two now).

      Good luck all!


      • waiyin

        HI Shogun,

        We must all learn from you too !

        Best rgds

    • Yan

      hi WaiYin, i am inspired by your sharing. All the hard work now bear nice and sweet fruits for you. Congratulations and hope to hear more sharing/stories from you.

      • Author

        Hi Yan,

        Thank you very much. I am getting a bit busy these couple of days ,will write soon Cheers

    • icemanbudiman

      Thanks alot WaiYin for sharing… really inspired me to achieve my dreams.
      I think the different between those who succeed (like you of course) and the rest is “DO”.
      The knowledge and information are handy for majority, but only minority will put it into action.

      • waiyin

        Hi Icemanbudiman

        Thanks for your encouragement, I am learning to write and my mission is to create values to friends that read my sharing. Am working on the next article now and I want to create a circle of positive friends ,enjoy financial freedom together and pass it on….

        You are right, after having the character and attitudes, the big word here is ACTION. I have seen some one who keep reading and reading success books but never get started in their success journey, is just like having a Ferrari but park it at home and let others admire it…..

        I believe you will be achieve your dreams soon, set your goals!

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    • titihayun

      i think wealth accumulation very much related to individual attitude. there are many who some how will accumulate wealth through their life time while other will spend more then what they earn. Simple mathematic rule is to spend less then what you earn to have extra at the end of the day. spending less do not mean one will have less in life.. wise eating habit for example will nourish yourself with nutritious food with not much cost. start saving early will have you reaching the financial freedom earlier… to know more, start learning…wish you luck ..

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    • Dawson

      Thx for sharing… i am trying to change my characteristics *coz i am a lazy guy*
      Hope to learn from u all !

      • waiyin

        Hi Dawson,

        Congrats,you already got the first step right. “AWARENESS” is the important step to make changes. Now are you WILLING to change ? DETERMINE enough to change ? Once you start changing, you will see the difference. Also be patient, take small small steps when you begin changing your habits. Don’t over push yourself and get some supportive friends to help “remind” you.

        I am still learning this art too as me can be lazy sometimes too,

    • Kris

      Did you set-up a family? If so, it is amazing as setting up family, aka having kids is going to eat up alot of resources. Just curious.

      Kudos, you can now sit back and relax. :P

    • colbert

      I believe even wage earners can be financially free. You need a mix of high risk and low risk investments. I personally deal with blogging and forex to increase my portfolio.

    • Author

      Dear Wanz,

      Thanks for your message, you make my day. A person who knows how to appreciate and compliment others already has one thumb up to be successful, you can do it !

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    • […] presents I achieved financial freedom at 38 posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “This post is contributed by a reader […]

    • WanZ

      I do really inspired your story. Thanks for the sharing. I think there are something similar between us. I hope I am in the right track to be financially free. really help me to achieve my dream too.

      Dare to Dream!


      wage earner is actually in the ‘easier’ arena, just keep your goals right ie. your personal finance is key, NOT company’s goals.

    • wm

      Azman, I reinvested..ended up punting in Bursa, menang sikit, kalah banyak…fingers all hangus liao!!!

      • Author

        Thanks for reading. If you have read rich dad poor dad on his 4 quadrant, we move from left to right quadrant to achieve time and financial freedom. If you have acquired knowledge and experience in investment, you can achieve big gains too and fast track to financial freedom .Instead of moving to 2nd and 3rd quadrant, you can jump direct to the 4th quadrant to achieve financial freedom. But it takes experiences and knowledge to be able to invest well. And also important, be patient to learn and do not greed if you are new in investing. If there is get quick rich investment, then there is also get quick lose investment too, High risk, high gain .Psychology control is important in investment . It is also important to get to know your “investment behaviour” , so that you can manage it . Finally, we are responsible at out own decision in investment, make sure you are sure what you invest in and don’t just jump it because everyone else did so. Hope my sharing helps

    • Azman

      For the wage earner he/she must think of another additional stream of income. Steady paycheck is good and it must be re-invested wisely so as it will become a passive income. I have a friend with steady paycheck and end-up being a towkey kedai emas !

    • wm

      It seems that the route to financial freedom most likely to come from entrepreneurship. What about those that are wage earner? Can they achieve financial freedom? ( A lot of managers are passionate about their job; but won’t or should I say reluctant to strike out on their own due to the comfort of receiving a steady paycheck at the end of the month plus perks like co. car/allowances/ and chance to travel abroad especially so if you’re working for an MNC).


      strongAttitudes and Beliefs that helped me achieve financial freedom…/strong

      This post is contributed by WaiYin, a reader whom I admire very much because she achieved financial freedom at age 38! Here, she shares how she did it….


      strongAttitudes and Beliefs that helped me achieve financial freedom…/strong

      This post is contributed by WaiYin, a reader whom I admire very much because she achieved financial freedom at age 38! Here, she shares how she did it….

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