If you are living in the Klang Valley area, you will be able to listen to a very informative radio station called BFM (The Business Radio Station) FM 89.9.

I was there once to talk about the money tips learned from the popular Transformers movie.

If you are just like me living outside of that crowded area, you can still listen to all the informative Podcast online.

It is especially convenient if you got an iPhone or other smart phone that has a internet browser and data package.

Search Google for “BFM podcast”

Click on the podcast you are interested in.


Click the “play” button.


Or you can download the mp3 file if you have the “Goodreader” app on iPhone.

To save the bandwidth of your data package, you can download the mp3 on Wi-Fi and store it at Goodreader app.

Just copy the url of the mp3 file.


Paste the url in Goodreader app -> Web Download -> Enter URL


Paster the url.


That’s it. You get more information from experts, and less advertisement disturbance.


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